International Communications Manager

Hiroshima University aspires to improve the university’s reputation both in Japan and abroad by enhancing international communication. To this end, Hiroshima University is recruiting an International Communications Manager to lead international public relations and communication at Hiroshima University.

  1. Bachelor’s degree or higher
  2. Fluencyin English and proficiency in Japanese. Native English-speaker or equivalent proficiency is required with basic communication skills in Japanese (particularly verbal). The Manager will be required to communicate easily and comfortably with colleagues thatdo not speak English.
  3. Previous experience as a journalist, writer, orequivalent profession, or experience in public relations in the private sector or educational institutions is desirable.
  4. Demonstratedwillingness and enthusiasm to be proactively engaged in enhancing Hiroshima Universitys international informationdissemination.

The International Communications Manager will be an important member of the Public Relations Group. The Managers responsibilities will include:

  • Developing strategic plans to advance the university’s international information dissemination and brand awareness
  • Creating proactive public relations activities including needs-analyses and implementation of strategies
  • Creating contents for the university’s official English website such as press releases and news stories to promote awareness of the university and its activities, particularly about research outcomes
  • Managing and updating the university’s official English website and English SNS pages as well as to monitoring and responding to discussions concerning the university in external media
  • Establishing and developing both internal and external networks (with universities, research institutions, media, etc.) for international public relations
  • Creating publications in English such as web articles, HU’s web magazine, etc.
  • Engaging in other international communications activities
How to apply: 

-For more details, see the application guidline at

Application deadline: 
18 Dec 2019
Start date: 
01 Jan 2020
Length of contract: 
The initial contract is from the earliest date after January 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021 (The position will become permanent employment depending on the results of both an interview and written application for the permanent position).
Type of position: 
Full time
3.5million -7 million yen
14 Nov 2019