Acta Materialia


04 Jun 2024
Previous research has demonstrated that adding tin to beta-type titanium alloys improves their strength. But scientists have yet to understand the reasons for this. Now, a research team from Tohoku University has pinpointed the exact mechanisms behind this phenomenon.
30 May 2024
Researchers from Osaka University combined computer simulations and transmission electron microscopy experiments to better understand the ordering mobility and formation of microstructure domains in Fe3Al alloy. They were able to correlate structural changes with heat treatment to understand how particular mechanical behavior can be achieved. This is expected to allow the superelastic properties of Fe3Al to harnessed for the 3D printing of construction materials for absorbing seismic activity.
19 Dec 2023
Using conventional X-rays and lasers to detect the atomic state of hydrogen is challenging, given its small size. A group of researchers may have overcome this barrier by unveiling a new visualization technique that employs an optical microscope and polyaniline to paint a better picture of how hydrogen behaves in metals.
18 May 2021
DGIST scientists have found a novel way to control magnetic spins in a localized space.
Schematic diagram of the sub-microsecond time-resolved X-ray absorption spectroscopy
09 Mar 2021
The fine structure of barium titanite, a potential alternative to lead titanite, has been revealed by researchers employing a novel technique over the extremely short time period that the ferroelectric phenomena experienced by these materials occur. The investigation should assist further exploration of how to replace lead titanate with other materials, so that its widespread applicability may be enjoyed while avoiding its role in lead pollution.


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