06 Jul 2020
Researchers at Kanazawa University report in Biomaterials a high-speed atomic-force microscopy study of protein filaments in the nuclear pore complex. The visualization in real-time of the filaments’ dynamics is an important step in our understanding of molecular transport mechanisms between a cell nucleus and its surrounding medium.
16 Jul 2019
MIT’s Research Enterprise in Singapore, SMART, launches a new research group, Critical Analytics for Manufacturing Personalized-Medicine (CAMP), as part of Singapore’s National Cell Manufacturing Initiative to overcome scientific and technical challenges in life-changing cell therapies
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01 Mar 2019
An award-winning device employs nanotechnology to safely grow neural stem cells for replacement therapy research.
22 Feb 2019
A gene-editing Trojan horse that sneaks up on osteosarcoma cells could help the fight against this aggressive childhood bone cancer.
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07 Feb 2019
From air-conditioned clothing to cancer screening tools, the Centre for Optical Fibre Technology (COFT) is paving the way for a light-based future.
UNIST-WRIRM-UniBasel Organ Mimetic Research Center
17 Sep 2018
A research center, affiliated with South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) will initiate a research collaboration to develop human organs-on-chips for new drug discovery.
31 Jul 2018
The School of Engineering of HKUST is launching a new undergraduate program in Bioengineering that offers students the opportunity to conduct research in elite overseas universities, and at the same time nurtures leaders in biomedical technology and big data.
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14 Feb 2017
A new nanofiber-on-microfiber matrix could help produce more and better quality stem cells for disease treatment and regenerative therapies.
18 Nov 2016
Nepali biomaterial scientist Bijay Singh is awarded the 2016 Atta-ur-Rahman Prize for the development of new biomaterials and carrier substances that allow precise drug, gene and vaccine delivery on cellular targets.
Dr. Steve Granick
03 May 2016
Dr. Steve Granick (Director, IBS Center for Soft and Living Matter) at UNIST has been recognized by one of America's most prestigious honorary societies.
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31 Aug 2015
A group in Japan has developed tissue adhesive porous films that promote angiogenesis without using growth factors. This new technology may contribute to medical cost reduction making expensive growth factors-free.
05 Aug 2015
Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology and Research and Japan's Riken have marked a 10-year milestone of research partnership.
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25 Jun 2015
Researchers at Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) have developed a drug-delivering hydrogel to treat chronic diseases such as hepatitis C, a liver disease that kills around 500,000 people worldwide every year.
Star-shaped network
10 Jun 2015
A three-dimensional star-shaped polymer network enhances cell adhesion and growth for tissue regeneration.
Tissue regeneration research
05 Jun 2014
Researchers in the United Kingdom and Malaysia are developing a new class of injectable material that stimulates stem cells to regenerate damaged tissue and form new blood vessels, heart and bone tissue.
04 Mar 2014
(Tsukuba, 4 March 2014) A simple way to treat kidney failure. A new technique for purifying blood using a nanofiber mesh could prove useful as a cheap, wearable alternative to kidney dialysis.
15 Jul 2013
MANA researchers report that incorporating magnetic nanoparticles and an anticancer drug into crosslinked polymer nanofibers presents a twofold treatment for fighting cancer with diminished side effects.
24 May 2013
Researchers at the International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (MANA) and Tokyo Medical and Dental University have developed a coating method which accelerates bonding with bone by 3 times.
20 May 2013
Jointly established by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and Sichuan University (Sichuan U), China's first Institute for Disaster Management and Reconstruction (IDMR) has recently been officially opened.
24 Mar 2013
The consortium aims to improve the reliability of semiconductor devices by tackling copper wire bonding issues related to corrosion and stress. Members of this consortium span across the semiconductor supply chain including Atotech S.E.A., GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Heraeus Materials and Infineon Technologies.
15 Mar 2013
A research group at NIMS International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (MANA) have succeeded in developing a gel material which is capable of releasing drugs in response to pressure applied by the patient.
16 Nov 2012
Interview with Prof. Young Moo Lee of Hanyang University who found an innovative solution, called TR Membrane, which improves the performance of a membrane by more than 1,000 times, compared to traditional methods.
26 Jul 2012
Researchers in Japan demonstrate a new protein binding approach for effectively promoting bone regeneration. Current treatments for bone defects and bone tissue regeneration have significant limitations. Now a new method that immobilises a fusion protein in a hybrid collagen-polymer supportive scaffold shows promise for bone tissue engineering.
01 Jun 2012
Tokyo Tech’s Toshiyuki Ikoma and Junzo Tanaka have developed technology for producing artificial bones from fish scales and apatite. Ikoma describes the potential of fish collagen for cosmetics, artificial bones, and other medical applications in a video interview in the latest issue of Tokyo Tech’s online newsletter the Tokyo Tech Bulletin.
16 Mar 2012
On 21 February 2012, RIKEN President Ryoji Noyori visited the Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) in China to attend the opening ceremony for the RIKEN-XJTU Joint Research Center.
micelle schematic
02 Mar 2012
A*STAR IMRE’s Dr Loh Xian Jun was recently elected a Fellow of the prestigious Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge. He is an A*STAR scholarship recipient currently working on smart biomaterials that identify and target cancer cells.
matrix materials
23 Dec 2011
The Tissue Regeneration Materials Unit of the International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics, National Institute for Materials Science succeeded in developing a matrix material which can control the differentiation of stem cells for regenerative medicine.
drug delivery
22 Dec 2011
Novel polymers release their drug cargo in response to body temperature
28 Sep 2011
Multi-compartment globular structures assembled from polymer-based materials may soon serve as cell prototypes
bone cross section
16 Sep 2011
A model that relates multi-level organization and mechanical properties of biomaterials could guide the design of artificial composites


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