Chemical Engineering Journal


06 May 2024
- The introduction of dual-layer coating technology, incorporating both polymers and inorganic materials, has led to the development of stabilization technology for the anode of aqueous zinc batteries. - This technology significantly mitigates the core issues of aqueous zinc batteries, specifically addressing the growth of zinc dendrites and the hydrogen evolution reaction.
25 Mar 2024
- The new photocatalyst is capable of generating methane production 51 times greater compared to commercial TiO2 photocatalysts by improving the surface and electrical properties with amorphous In2TiO5/MoSe2 photocatalysts - The research results were published in Chemical Engineering Journal, a prestigious international journal in the field of energy and environment.
27 Oct 2023
A research team at Osaka Metropolitan University has developed a new simulation method that accurately predicts powder mixing using AI, and has succeeded in increasing calculation speed by approximately 350 times while maintaining the same level of accuracy as conventional methods. This method is expected to not only pave the way for more efficient and precise powder mixing processes but also open up new possibilities for industries seeking to enhance product quality and streamline production.
29 Oct 2021
Scientists demonstrate that diluting high concentration electrolytes can improve the cycling abilities of lithium metal batteries over a wide range of temperatures
25 Oct 2021
Scientists design a novel thermoelectrochemical cell that efficiently converts waste heat into electricity for low-power devices


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