17 Apr 2018
 New Tissue Engineering Project House established in Singapore  Market for tissue engineering materials growing by 30 percent a year  Evonik focuses on specialty materials for health and medical applications
Gastric proton pump, H+,K+-ATPase
17 Apr 2018
Nagoya University-centered researchers first in world to determine crystal structure of gastric proton pump responsible for gastric acid secretion.
05 Apr 2018
We are pleased to announce the inaugural publication of our research magazine “Tackling Global Issues.” This magazine series focuses on research contributing to the resolution of global issues such as an aging society, environmental pollution and resource shortages.
One of the cattle with Johne’s disease showing significant weight loss. Photo provided by National Agriculture and Food Research Organization.
02 Apr 2018
A research team has unraveled the immunopathogenesis of Johne’s disease, a chronic bovine disease that has caused endemics in Japan and many other countries, placing financial burdens on cattle farmers.
26 Mar 2018
SUSS to host 2019 Univer-Cities Conference: launches book “Univer-Cities: Strategic Dilemmas of Medical Origins and Selected Modalities” with contributions from 11 other major international universities
MRI analysis of a patient with PSP-like symptoms showed severe atrophy of the bilateral hippocampus, mesencephalic tegmentum, cerebellum, and brainstem.
22 Mar 2018
Newly discovered gene mutations may help explain the cause of a disease that drastically impairs walking and thinking.
21 Mar 2018
Faster computations will allow researchers to see the finer details of brain activity in functional brain imaging.
Dr Roy Cheung, Associate Professor of the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences at PolyU, finds that landing softly can reduce the risk of injury by 62%.
13 Mar 2018
A study conducted by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) finds that novice distance runners running with softer footfalls can reduce the risk of injury by 62%.
Figure 1
12 Mar 2018
Researchers from University of Malaya, Malaysia, aimed to develop a lateral flow-RPA technique to diagnose knowlesi malaria efficiently and rapidly.
01 Mar 2018
-Grants to support three teams in Singapore to prevent, intercept or cure myopia, cancer, liver disease
19 Feb 2018
Machines are now intelligent, robots are ‘stealing jobs’, and your next meeting might be led by a bot. How will AI disrupt your life?
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31 Jan 2018
Researchers at Qatar University have provided an immense development in the field of fertilization and assisted reproduction technology by revealing major technical issues in the debate regarding the identity of the “sperm factor”.
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30 Jan 2018
Students from Qatar University College of Health Sciences (QU-CPH) Department of Biomedical Sciences, in collaboration with external researchers from Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), innovated a unique approach to understand the underlying mechanism of a special type of leukemic cancer.
ATM and ATR Form Separate Synaptic Vesicle Patterns
25 Jan 2018
In a recent study, an interdisciplinary team of scientists from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) discovered that two large protein kinases, ATM and ATR, cooperate to help establish the go/stop balance.
HSCs donation 1
24 Jan 2018
South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) has announced that two of its students have donated their hematopoietic stem cells to help treat patients with incurable diseases.
Photo 1
24 Jan 2018
The Colon Cancer Awareness Talk Intervention (CATI) aims to investigate the compliance of taking immunochemical based fecal occult blood test (IFOBT) screening among local community. There is a timely need to destigmatize cancer and have more community engagements on cancer awareness.
Photo 1
18 Jan 2018
A religious community and university collaboration provides insights to build intergenerational solidarity. Organizational, macro socio environmental intervention and the capacity of interpersonal relationship are crucial catalysts to enhance intergenerational solidarity.
Blasting dental plaque with microbubbles
18 Jan 2018
Researchers have found a way to remove plaque from dental implants to improve oral hygiene.
A visual database of human plasma compounds
05 Jan 2018
A free database aims to help researchers better understand how specific metabolites relate to one another, which could potentially lead to personalised disease treatments.
Schematic of microRNA extraction using nanowires
25 Dec 2017
Researchers centered at Nagoya University develop a nanowire device able to detect microscopic levels of urinary markers potentially implicated in cancer
13 Dec 2017
The Senior Connect Group is formed to promote health through social participation in a residential area. The researchers provide empathetic listening skill training for the seed group in the community. Three aspects were identified to increase awareness and mutual support: (1) prevention through education (2) medic alert (3) rehabilitative support.
08 Dec 2017
Researchers at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University have recently found that bacteria that carry the colistin resistance gene mcr-1 commonly exist in human and various types of food and environmental samples collected from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland.
A fruitful collaboration
20 Nov 2017
Study design allows more rigorous evaluation of complex healthcare interventions.
Degenerating interneurons in frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTLD) mice
13 Nov 2017
Japanese researchers develop new mouse model that captures pathology of sporadic neurological diseases.
01 Nov 2017
Scientists have identified a time lag of up to two years between forest loss and the emergence of Ebola virus disease along the limits of the West and Central African rainforest.
Figure 1
30 Oct 2017
Researchers in Korea pioneers new medical market development with needles using nanotechnology.
20 Oct 2017
It will be vital to support and sustain a global culture of responsibility and integrity in research and innovation and to engage in an open dialogue with stakeholders.
17 Oct 2017
The School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) conducted a clinical observation of scalp acupuncture treatment for 68 children with autism. The findings indicated that 66 patients have shown improvements after treatment, resulting in an overall efficacy rate of 97%.
14 Sep 2017
Get a Front Row Seat to the Technology Changing Our World
Photo 1
31 Aug 2017
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) discovered a newly emerged superbug, hyper-resistant and hypervirulent Klebsiella pneumoniae, which may cause untreatable and fatal infections in relatively healthy individuals and will pose enormous threat to human health.


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