25 Aug 2017
Hokkaido University scientists have developed a new mathematical model which accurately forecasted that a devastating cholera epidemic in Yemen would peak by early July, the 26th week of 2017 and the cumulative incidence would be the order of 700-800 thousand cases.
25 Aug 2017
The search is on for 10 innovators from Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand whose superb technical work promises to change the world. Who do you think belongs on the regional Innovators Under 35 list?
Artificial womb raises hope for premature babies
18 Aug 2017
Researchers hope an artificial womb used to incubate healthy baby lambs can be used in future technology for premature babies.
18 Aug 2017
Teams from the Czech Republic and Japan, and researchers from the Institut Pasteur, AP-HP, and AP-HM have identified the likely origin of the cross-reactivity between cypress pollen, peaches and citrus fruits, paving the way for the development of novel allergy diagnostic tests.
03 Aug 2017
University of Malaya’s researcher, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Loh Siew Yim, presented on the emerging field of cancer survivorship. International health science experts were invited to share their expertise, ideas and initiatives to bring about innovative changes to the field of health sciences in Malaysia and in the Asia-Pacific region.
Brain processing of thermosensory information in hot environments
03 Aug 2017
A team at Nagoya University, Japan, has shed light on how distinct sensory neural pathways function in “feeling” changes in temperature in the environment on the one hand, and actually responding to these changes, such as seeking a cooler or warmer site, on the other.
03 Aug 2017
Nurul Syafika binti Amir Hamzah, a double Master's Degree student from University of Malaya, won 3rd place in the Graduate Student category for APRU Global Health Program Conference Student Poster Contest.
28 Jul 2017
IAP for Health, a component network of the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) is pleased to announce the launch of a new book: ‘Exploring Traditional Medicine: Report of a symposium’. The book contains 24 case studies from 16 countries, with each case study having been identified by an academy member of IAP.
27 Jul 2017
Researchers from the Ageing and Age-Associated Disorders Research Group, University of Malaya, were among the member of Dementia Prevention and Enhanced Care (DePEC), one of the recipient for this prestigious award from National Institute of Health Research (NIHR).
Diagram explaining the concept of autoinflammatory keratinization diseases (AIKD)
13 Jul 2017
Nagoya University-led team reviews skin diseases to define a new type of genetic-based inflammation for improving diagnosis and treatment of rare skin conditions.
Figure 1
12 Jul 2017
The future of children with brain tumours is very promising. To do nothing is to ignore the very real possibility of a treatment and cure. It is the time now to accelerate clinical and laboratory research in childhood brain tumours.
03 Jul 2017
The School of Chinese Medicine of Hong Kong Baptist University recently completed a clinical trial on the use of acupuncture for weight control, providing initial testimony to the effectiveness of acupuncture for controlling the weight of adults
Global Leader Lecture
28 Jun 2017
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) invited Professor Hau L. Lee, a leading scholar in global supply chain management, entrepreneurship and innovations in developing economies, and value chain strategies, to speak at the PolyU 80th Anniversary Global Leader Lecture Series on 28 June 2017.
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21 Jun 2017
Professor Terrence Forrester, an expert in childhood malnutrition, warns that the first 1,000 days are among the most important in children’s lives, and more needs to be done to ensure that they get optimal nutrition during this critical period.
Picture 1
16 Jun 2017
Researchers from University of Malaya uncover significant obstacles to appropriate feeding for older Asians with swallowing difficulty. These obstacles involved cultural attitudes, healthcare professional perceptions and knowledge and limitations of healthcare funding, resulting in a poorer outcome for older Asians with swallowing problems.
13 Jun 2017
The School of Chinese Medicine of HKBU recently conducted a “Tianjiu therapy for allergic rhinitis: A double-blinded randomised Placebo-controlled clinical trial”. It found that Tianjiu therapy helped to alleviate the symptoms of nasal itching suffered by allergic rhinitis patients.
07 Jun 2017
A clinical study conducted by Hong Kong Baptist University found that the effective stability rate of the Chinese medicine treatment for chronic renal failure for periods of three months, half a year and one year is 96.3%, 88.89% and 83.95% respectively.
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06 Jun 2017
A newly developed antibody drug reactivates suppressed immune cells, decreasing the bovine leukemia virus (BLV) counts in an infected cow. The antibody could be applied to treat a variety of intractable infectious diseases in cows.
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22 May 2017
Researchers at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) have developed a mobile biofeedback device for footstrike pattern modification for injury prevention and rehabilitation in runners.
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18 May 2017
A new magnetic system could precisely control the movement of levitating objects for many manufacturing applications.
17 May 2017
Young onset type 2 diabetes patients have an increased risk of developing diabetic retinopathy at an earlier stage and at a greater frequency, according to researchers in India and US.
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15 May 2017
A revolutionary design mimics the rowing action of the cilia on single-celled Paramecium, demonstrating much faster movement than conventional microrobots.
Comparison of a HLA-G1 protein (left) and a HLA-G2 protein (right), showing significant structural difference. The HLA-G2 protein shown here is in a pair form called homodimer.
10 May 2017
Revelations about a protein expressed in fetal cells could provide novel insights into its function and future immunosuppressive therapies.
03 May 2017
Qatar University College of Engineering (QU-CENG) recently hosted “Everyday Heroes” event to commemorate the World Autism Awareness Month.
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01 May 2017
A new biological sensor can detect glucose levels in saliva more accurately and cost-efficiently than the conventional blood test.
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28 Apr 2017
Genetic studies on Malaysia’s Orang Asli peoples could lead to tailored medical advice that is more appropriate for their unique makeup.
Figure 1
21 Apr 2017
New developments in cervical cancer screening and vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, a causal agent for cervical cancer provide new opportunities for the prevention of this disease. HPV testing as oppose to the conventional pap smear is now recommended while 3 HPV vaccines are now approved to combat HPV associated diseases.
Image Name
14 Apr 2017
A new adhesive sensor can save patients the discomfort and pain resulting from leaky intravenous drips.
Image Name
14 Apr 2017
Blood pressure can significantly drop by applying 20 minutes of ultrasound to the forearms of people with type II diabetes and treatment-resistant hypertension, according to Japanese research.
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07 Apr 2017
Fast, cost-effective electrochemical platforms show promise for highly-sensitive detection of different strains of influenza and diarrhoea-causing pathogens.


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