PLoS Biology


13 Nov 2019
Differences in gene expression led to different bird songs between species.
18 Jun 2019
Researchers in Singapore have discovered the mechanism behind how neural stem cells in fruit flies are activated to stimulate the generation of new brain cells.
16 Aug 2018
Researchers at Duke-NUS Medical School have made some new discoveries regarding DHA. Their study has proven how DHA can only reach the brain if it is available in a certain form, and only if it can be transported to the brain effectively by a protein called MFSD2A.
10 Jul 2018
A research team in DGIST discovered genes that detect and control movement and identified the motor mechanism of proprioception sense receptors. The finding provides clues to the cause of walking disorders caused by cerebellum damage and degenerative brain diseases.
10 Sep 2010
Two regulators of protein filament assembly use dramatically different—and competing—methods to inhibit a common target
21 May 2010
Genomic data reveal surprising insights into the essential partnership between a widespread plant pest and a symbiotic bacterium dwelling within its cells
01 Mar 2008
Researchers map genetic alterations associated with human schizophrenia


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