PloS One


29 May 2009
Immature mice father faster medical research via an assisted reproduction technique that speeds up the production of mouse models
17 Apr 2009
A unique metabolic fingerprint of an individual can be built up by using a common spectroscopy technique to identify the molecules involved
03 Apr 2009
Inhibiting GSK-3β, a molecule that causes Alzheimer disease pathology, may also create memory problems
20 Mar 2009
Multiple timescales of neural activities are important to motor-control systems in animals, according to research using robots
23 Jan 2009
RIKEN researchers report that social courtship behavior in male zebra finches increases brain activity in a similar fashion as drugs abuse.
28 Nov 2008
A common mechanism may explain cognitive dysfunction during both aging and Alzheimer’s disease
17 Aug 2007
Human society puts heavy demands on the brain. Neurons must adapt rapidly to contextual changes in the social environment. Researchers at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute in Wako are gaining insight into this ‘social brain function’ by observing Japanese macaque monkeys
30 Nov 2006
For the first time in almost forty years, researchers are creating a global map of malaria risk. The Malaria Atlas Project, or MAP, will help identify populations at particular risk and predict the impact of the disease, allowing health resources to be targeted at those areas most at risk.
20 Jan 2006
Pleasurable Kingdom: Animals and the nature of feeling good; Viruses Vs. Superbugs: A solution to the antibiotics crisis?; One tortoise's tale of conservation, commerce, cloning, combat and collecting on the high seas; A refreshing polemic on the promises, pitfalls and politics of science - with cartoons!


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