Science and Technology of Advanced Materials


03 Oct 2013
In a study published in the journal Science and Technology of Advanced Materials (STAM), researchers in Taiwan describe a simple, color-based diagnostic approach with the potential to detect target DNA sequences found in TB-causing mycobacteria – in just a fraction of the time required for established diagnostic tests.
03 Oct 2013
Researchers in Japan and China tested a novel urease fabrication process for coating titanium implants with bioactive CaP/gelatin composites. Published in Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, the research suggests that titanium implants coated with CaP and gelatin have great potential in clinical joint replacement or dental implants.
27 Jun 2013
Biomaterials are increasingly replacing human organs and tissues and silver is added to reduce the adhesion of bacteria to biomaterials and prevent infections. However, a recent study by researchers in Portugal suggests that – in one material – increasing levels of silver may indirectly promote bacterial adhesion.
13 May 2013
IOP Publishing (IOP) announced a new three year agreement with the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) for the continued publication of the open access title Science and Technology of Advanced Materials (STAM).
26 Apr 2013
Tsukuba, Japan 26 April - Nanoparticles are used in many commercial products catalysts to cosmetics. A review published today in the Science and Technology of Advanced Materials by researchers in Sweden and Spain describes recent work on the 3 main nanoparticles used in photocatalytic, UV-blocking and sunscreens.
12 Apr 2013
Tsukuba, Japan & Los Angeles, Ca. 12 April - A new study by researchers at UCLA suggests that the elasticity of the physical matrix used for growing heart muscle cells outside of the body may be critical to the success of cardiac tissue engineering. The results were published in the journal Science and Technology of Advanced Materials this week.
07 Feb 2013
Tsukuba, Japan 7 Feb - Researchers in Japan have developed a way to detect caesium contamination on a scale of millimetres enabling the detection of small areas of radioactive contamination. The research is published in Science and Technology of Advanced Materials today.
07 Feb 2013
Tsukuba, Japan 7 Feb - Researchers at Ruhr University have used self-assembling techniques to produce gold microwires that have suitable properties for micro-Velcro. The research is published today in Science and Technology of Advanced Materials.
12 Dec 2012
In their recently published review article in the Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, Yasuhiko Iwasaki at Kansai University and Kazuhiko Ishihara at the University of Tokyo describe how developments in synthesis techniques have liberated the polymer MPC’s potential for a huge range of medical and biological applications.
05 Dec 2012
Tsukuba, Japan 5 Dec - Researchers in Japan have created a hybrid scaffold which promotes regeneration of skin in live animals while maintaining mechanical strength making it a promising material for future skin tissue engineering. This research was recently published in the Science and Technology of Advanced Materials.
01 Nov 2012
Tsukuba, 1 November 2012 - Researchers in Japan have developed a technique which allows them to control and target drug delivery to specific sites of the body at specific times, thus reducing side effects and improving treatment dramatically. The results were published recently in the journal Science and Technology of Advanced Materials.
carbon dots
13 Sep 2012
Work led by Amita Pathak at the Indian Institute of Technology has produced water-soluble C-dots that selectively emit light across the entire visible range without any surface coating. The properties of these new C-dots make them ideal for a variety of bioimaging applications and for medical diagnostics.
23 Jul 2012
An artificial bone scaffold produced by researchers in South Korea could enhance the treatment of bone damage and defects through bone grafts.
Tokyo Sky Tree
04 Apr 2012
Nishioka and Ichikawa, researchers from Japan’s largest steel production company, describe recent developments in TMCP Technology in the latest issue of Science and Technology of Advanced Materials Vol. 13 (2012).
Invar samples
09 Feb 2012
New research holds promise for applications ranging from high-precision optical components to tooth fillings.
Blue Damselfish
04 Jan 2012
The striking colors of butterfly wings or peacock feathers are examples of so-called ‘structural color’ in nature. You see these colors due to the reflection of certain wavelengths of light from the birds’ feathers.
28 Oct 2011
Cartilage, bone, and skin can already be regenerated in vitro, and these tissues are currently available for clinical applications. However, regeneration of more complex tissues such as the liver and pancreas has yet to be fully realized.
STAM Cover
06 Jul 2011
According to Thomson Reuters, the journal Science and Technology of Advanced Materials (STAM) now ranks 34th out of 222 journals in the category of Materials Science & Multidisciplinary worldwide, and is ranked 1st among materials science journals in Japan.
05 Jul 2011
Japanese scientists report on a unique ‘ubiquitous element strategy’ to overcome the ‘rare-element crisis’ that was triggered by increasing demand for such elements as lithium, used in batteries, and dysprosium for Ne-Fe-B permanent magnets.
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21 Jun 2011
A new technique for producing artificial bone implants has been developed by Korean researchers. By mimicking natural bone, it is hoped the implant material will better complement the natural regeneration process.
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24 Mar 2011
This timely review focuses on the synthesis of zinc stannate (zinc tin oxide: ZTO) nanostructures by the hydrothermal method, as well as the physical properties and applications of different zinc stannate nanostructures in solar cells, gas sensors, and photocatalysts.
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24 Mar 2011
A critical review of the current status and future prospects of new computing architectures based on ‘atomic switches’ fabricated by controlling the movement of cationic ions during solid electrochemical reactions.
11 Jan 2011
In a timely review paper, scientists from Japan, Germany, and Spain provide a highly relevant overview of the history, physical interpretation and applications of plasmons in metallic nanostructures.
29 Nov 2010
The STAM article titled “Challenges and Breakthroughs in Recent Research on Self-Assembly,” which was published in March 2008 issue by Dr. Ariga, MANA PI, and Dr. Hill, MANA Scientist, et al., was ranked No. 1 Hot Paper in Materials Science by the Essential Science Indicators on November 1 (provided by Thomson Reuters).
08 Nov 2010
Tokyo, 8 Nov - C.N.R. Rao and colleagues have published a timely review analyzing the correlation of synthesis methods and physical properties of single-layer and few-layered graphene flakes. The paper was published in Science and Technology of Advanced Materials.


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