03 Apr 2024
New survey from Springer Nature shows that amongst researchers in Japan, approximately a third of the respondents are unsure how to share their research beyond academic publications and presentations, indicating the need for further support for their research to reach and have influence on the wider community
Cover artwork for the report Preparing  National Research  Ecosystems for AI: STRATEGIES & PROGRESS IN 2024
27 Mar 2024
A comprehensive analysis of the integration of artificial intelligence in science and research across various countries. It addresses both the advancements made and the challenges faced in this field.
19 Mar 2024
The 12th Starch Value Chain ASIA conference was held in Vientiane, at Crowne Plaza Hotel, from February 27 to 29, 2024. The conference encompassed four key themes: Asia’s starch markets, industrial and food-grade tapioca starch in Laos with expansion plans, sustainable climate-smart agri-technology for rice and cassava cultivation, and challenges for future growth in Asia's biogas-to-energy sector.


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