Dr. Andy Chin Chi-on

Trained as a linguist, Dr. Andy Chin has a wide range of interests in linguistics research, including linguistic typology, sociolinguistics, corpus linguistics, and Chinese linguistics.


PhD, University of Washington (2009)
MPhil, City University of Hong Kong (2000)
BA (Hons) Language Information Science, City University of Hong Kong (First class honor) (1997)

Research Interests

Chinese linguistics (especially cross-dialectal grammar)
Cantonese grammar
Linguistic typology
Linguistic change (both temporal and spatial dimensions)

Awards and Honors

Silver Medal, 2021 Special Edition – Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days, March (2021)

Gold Medal and Special Award, Silicon Valley International Invention Festival 2019, San Francisco Bay Area, US, June (2019)

Honorary Advisor, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Outstanding Students' Union (HKSAROSU) (2018)

LFK Young Scholar conferred by the Li Fang-Kuei Society for Chinese Linguistics (LFK Society) (2013)

HKIEd President's Award for Outstanding Performance in Research - Early Career Research Excellence Award (2013)

Young Scholar Award for the Best Paper in Chinese Linguistics, the 17th Annual Conference of the International Association of Chinese Linguistics (IACL) (2009)

Turrell V. Wylie Memorial Scholarship, Department of Asian Languages and Literature, University of Washington (2009)

Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowships for Overseas Studies (2000,2001,2002)



Selected publications

Lee, Jackie Fung King, & Chin, Andy Chi-on. (2021). Constructing gender using visual imagery –a study of early readers. Language and Communication, 78, 1-18.

胡小娟, 錢志安. (2019). 蓮花贛語的類定冠詞“個”及其來源. 《中國語文通訊》, 98(2): 1-12.

Lee, Jackie Fung King, & Chin, Andy Chi-on. (2019). Are females and males equitably represented? A study of early readers. Linguistics and Education, 49, 52-61.

錢志安. (2017). 粵語(四字)歇後語的修辭功能. 《粵語研究》(增刊) - 中國南方語言四音節慣用語研究, 125-134.

Kwok, Bit-chee, Chin, Andy Chi-on, Tsou, Benjamin K. (2016). Grammatical diversity across the Yue dialects. Journal of Chinese Linguistics, 44(1):106-152.

Chin, Andy Chi-on. (2015). The Gelong language in the multilingual hub of Hainan. Bulletin of Chinese Linguistics, 8(1): 140-156.

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