Dr Anisa Qamar

Dr Anisa Qamar is a professor in Physics in the Department of Physics, University of Peshawar, Pakistan. She is also the President of Pakistan Physical Society.

I am working as a Professor in the field of Theoretical Plasma Physics since 2016, during my carrier I produced eight PhD and fifteen MS scholars. Now engage in establishing experimental plasma physics lab for biomedical application, and interested to work for women in Physics in the South Asia.

I am working as the focal person of Pakistan for International Union for Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) since 2017 and struggling to expose Pakistani women in the field of physics internationally.

If we ignore the role of women in physics then no country will progress in future technology. I organized the first Regional Conference on women in Physics in Pakistan in 2016. The second Regional Conference was organized in Nepal in 2019 to provoke the South Asian Women in Physics.

Brief career history




December 2016 Professor, Department pf Physics University of Peshawar.

Feb 2010 - Associate Professor, Department of Physics, University of Peshawar.

Feb 2007 – Feb 2010 Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, University of Peshawar.
May 1997-1998 (August): Lecturer in Physics, Frontier Govt. Girls College, Peshawar, NWFP, Pakistan.
August 1995 - May 1997: Lecturer in Physics, Govt. Girls College, Charsadda, NWFP, Pakistan.

Areas of expertise: Plasma physics, South Asia, women, STEM, higher education, regional co-opeartion

Selected media coverage

Conference on Women in Physics, Dawn, April 29, 2016
Opportunities available to an average female researcher are few: Dr Anisa Qamar, The News, April 30, 2016

Selected publications

  1. Parametric studies of non-linear magnetosonic waves in two dimensional quantum magnetoplasmas. Physics of Plasmas. 16, 022301-8, (2009). [citation 15] A. Mushtaq and Anisa Qamar.
  2. Tripolar vortices associated with toroidal ion temperature gradient modes in a magnetoplasma with sheared flows. Physics of Plasmas, 8, 846, (2001). [citation 10] T. Farid, A.M.Mirza, P. K. Shukla and Anisa Qamar
  3. Nonlinear Dynamics and Anomalous Energy Transport in an Electrostatic ITG Drift-Dissipative Mode. Physics of Plasmas, 6, 3571, (1999). [citation 8] Tariq Rafiq, A.M. Mirza, Anisa Qamar, G. Murtaza and P. K. Shukla
  4. Electromagnetic Ion-Temperature-Gradient modes and Anomalous Transport in a Non-uniform Magnetized Plasma with Equilibrium Flows. Physics of Plasmas, 7(4), 1125, (2000). [citation 4] Tariq Rafiq, Anisa Qamar, Arshad M. Mirza, G. Murtaza and P. K. Shukla
  5. Formation of Quadrupolar vortices in ion-temperature-gradient modes. Physics of Plasmas, 10, 2819, (2003). [citation 4] Anisa Qamar, A. M. Mirza, and G. Murtaza
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