Asian Congress of Robotic and Laparoscopic Surgery

ACRLS 2020 aims to contribute to strengthening cooperation and relationship among members worldwide and forming a strong global network by providing various benefits to robotic clinics in rapidly growing nations throughout Asia.

The event also presents opportunities to directly interact with the experts in the robotic surgery field as well as to learn and experience the current trends from the corporate exhibitions and displays.  The ACRLS 2020 committee has organized lectures and discussions of prominent scholars in the field of robotic surgery.

In addition to promoting active scholar exchanges with robotic surgeons, medical practitioners and medical policymakers, ACRLS2020 will make constant efforts to provide guidance and direction for global health policy makers as well as to create opportunities to work cooperatively for global health enhancement.

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From 27 Nov 2020
Until 28 Nov 2020
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7 Nov 2020
Call for papers deadline: 
30 Oct 2020
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