Caucasus Media Investigations Center

Caucasus Media Investigations Center is regional non-governmental organization (NGO) and head office is located in Baku, Azerbaijan.

And we have brunch offices in the 7 regions of Azerbaijan, in Tbilisi (Georgia), in Abkhazia, in Russia and in Turkey (Izmir).

After a series of ICFJ (International Center For Journalists) workshops on improving coverage of human trafficking, journalists from Azerbaijan and Georgia initiated the idea to establish Caucasus Media Investigations Center in May in 2004 in Warsaw, Poland to help the development of media investigations and professionalism of journalists in Southern Caucasus countries.

The objectives of the organization are:

- To investigate serious problems in the region and show the ways of solution to the problems in the investigative stories;
- To investigate the cases of human trafficking, circulation of narcotics, corruption, Human Rights problems, health care problems and to organize article competitions to draw the attention of journalists to the investigative journalism;
- To take interviews from foreign experts to be impartial in commentaries;
- To hold discussions on different problems; to help journalist from different countries to do joint media investigations;
- To award the best journalist stories on different themes in regularly held competitions and to stimulate them to grow as professionals.


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128/5 Kichik GAla St. Icheri Sheher. Az1004 Baku, Azerbaijan

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