Centre for Media Studies

Established in 1991, CMS* is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to research-driven initiatives that enable policy makers to take informed decisions on development and social change to improve quality of life. CMS is widely recognized for the rigour of its study methodologies, the innovative approaches that it brings to research initiatives and for credibility of its findings.

Over the past two decades CMS has engaged with issues of social development, environment, behavioural change, transparency in governance, organizational effectiveness, network analysis, impact of media, use of communication technology for networking and service delivery. The approach has been one of knowledge accretion and dissemination and in this process CMS has emerged as an inter-disciplinary professional body.

For the application of knowledge, CMS has devised diverse tools in the domains of social research, communication studies, public opinion surveys, action research, training, evaluation and performance appraisal, monitoring development and tracking social change. Working with media, policy and decision-makers, it has been CMS’ endeavour to use knowledge as a trigger for social development.


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