Dr Chameera Udawattha

Chameera Udawattha, a pioneering architect and researcher, investigates eco-friendly construction materials, exploring alternative solutions for construction and building issues. His work promotes sustainable building practices.

Chameera Udawattha is a distinguished professional in the field of architecture and civil engineering, known for his contributions to sustainable construction practices. Born and raised in Sri Lanka, Chameera completed his secondary education at the prestigious Royal College in Colombo. He went on to pursue his passion for architecture, earning a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Moratuwa.

After completing his formal education, Chameera gained valuable industry experience, working for two years alongside Dr. Narein Perera. During this time, he found inspiration and encouragement to pursue further studies. Dr. Perera introduced him to Prof. Rankiga Halwatura from the Department of Civil Engineering, who later became his supervisor for his doctoral research.

Chameera's research delved into the fundamental elements of construction, focusing on bricks and blocks. He recognized the environmental challenges posed by traditional construction materials, particularly the use of cement-stabilized soil blocks. Mud, a key component, had limitations such as fragility and vulnerability to water absorption, while cement's production process consumed significant energy, increasing overall construction costs.

Motivated by a desire to explore indigenous knowledge and sustainable alternatives, Chameera embarked on a journey across the country. He studied organic residues like fly-ash and bottom-ash from burning coal, along with materials such as rubber latex, sugarcane bagasse, and tree resin as potential alternatives for cement. Drawing on both national and international industry standards, he conducted extensive tests, building sample walls and subjecting them to various environmental conditions.

Through meticulous experimentation, Chameera identified a promising mix of mud and fly-ash enhanced with caustic soda that demonstrated encouraging results in terms of fitness and durability. His research showcased the potential for environmentally friendly construction materials that could reduce reliance on traditional cement-based solutions.

Currently affiliated with the Department of Estate Management and Valuation at the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Chameera holds key positions in various professional and academic organizations. He serves as the Director of the USJ Tech Transfer Office (University Business Linkage Cell) and is a Council Member of the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects. Additionally, he acts as the Convener for the Research Symposium of the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects, Secretary to the Board of Architectural Publications, and Editor in Chief of The Journal of Built Environment Sri Lanka.

Chameera's academic qualifications include a PhD in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor of Architecture degree. He has also completed a Certificate in 3D Printing. Professionally, he holds the title of Chartered Architect AIA (SL) and has earned the GREENSL AP qualification. In terms of teaching, he has completed the Induction for Senior Lecturers in 2024 and the certificate course in teaching in higher education. Chameera Udawattha stands as a dedicated researcher, educator, and professional committed to advancing sustainable practices in the field of architecture and construction.

Selected publications

  • Articles in Refereed Books and Book Chapters

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  • Publications in Refereed Journals 

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  • Publications in Proceedings of Conferences

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