Assistant Professor Danielle Anderson

Dr Danielle Anderson is the Scientific Director of the Duke-NUS Medical School ABSL3 laboratory.

In January 2020, Asst Prof Anderson and her team isolated SARS-CoV-2 from a clinical sample from one of the first COVID-19 patients in Singapore. From this, she helped to develop a test kit for COVID-19, which has vitally assisted the Singapore authorities with its contact tracing efforts.

Dr Anderson’s research interests include understanding the virus/host relationship of a diverse group of medically important negative-stranded RNA viruses that includes Measles virus, Mumps virus and Nipah virus. These paramyxoviruses are not only responsible for a high degree of morbidity and mortality worldwide but also cause encephalitis.  In addition, Dr Anderson utilises novel diagnostic platforms for the identification of not only new paramyxoviruses, but also other clinically relevant emerging infectious diseases, such as MERS and Zika virus.

She has participated in Asia Research News's Focus On: Virology & Public Health - a resource for journalists to find stories and sources.

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