DGIST Alumnus Heejae Lee Selected for Forbes Korea’s “30 Under 30”

- DGIST startup company “SeaWith” recognized for its excellence in seaweed cultured meat production technology

□ DGIST (President Kunwoo Lee) announced on Tuesday, March 5 that Heejae Lee, CEO of SeaWith Inc., who graduated from DGIST with bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees, has been selected for Forbes Korea's “30 Under 30” in the SOCIAL IMPACT category.


□ Forbes “30 Under 30” focuses on recognizing and promoting the outstanding achievements of young leaders under the age of 30. The Social Impact category selects these individuals from a pool of registered executives under 30 in the startup database using various criteria.


□ CEO Lee developed the concept and technology of “low-iodine seaweed” during his graduate studies, which involves reducing the iodine commonly found in seaweed. Subsequently, Lee, along with other DGIST alumni including Co-CEO Joonho Keum of the Department of New Biology, founded the startup SeaWith in 2019.


□ Furthermore, SeaWith has garnered global attention for its technology, which develops scaffolds to stabilize cultured meat cells and culture medium for cell proliferation using seaweed. This technology allows for the ethical and low-cost production of cultured meat.


□ CEO Lee stated, "I am thrilled that the technology developed from an idea inspired by my graduate studies at DGIST has received external recognition. I aspire to further refine the technology for producing seaweed cultured meat and contribute to society in the future."