DGIST-Daegu sign MOU to create ABB Global Campus and Foster ABB Industry

DGIST: Contribute to the creation of a self-sustaining digital innovation ecosystem by collaborating with Daegu Metropolitan City to successfully promote the "National Digital Innovation District" and foster local digital innovation companies and talents

□ DGIST (President Lee Kunwoo) and the Daegu Metropolitan City (Mayor Hong Jun-pyo) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the Establishment of an ABB Global Campus and Fostering of the ABB Industry on Friday, April 10, at the Daegu Metropolitan City Hall Sanyeok Government Complex.


□ The MOU is a prime example of the cooperation between the local community and university to foster a local digital ecosystem and was signed to develop the local ABB industry through the establishment of the DGIST ABB Global Campus and to successfully promote the building of a national digital innovation district.


□ Through the MOU, Daegu Metropolitan City has agreed to actively provide administrative support for the construction and site preparation of the ABB Global Campus, and DGIST will strive to foster unmatchable digital talents and global industry–academia cooperation through the ABB Global Campus to successfully promote the project to create a national digital innovation district.


□ "The establishment of the DGIST ABB Global Campus is a strategic project of the university, which aims to consolidate the institution's ABB-related research fields and support the growth of local industries and companies to contribute to the creation of a regional digital ecosystem," said DGIST President Lee Kunwoo. "Based on the signing of the MOU, we will successfully build and operate the ABB Global Campus, enabling DGIST to contribute to the development of local industries and promote the institution's capabilities in the global market."


□ "With the establishment of the ABB Global Campus, we will overcome regional limitations and grow Suseong Alpha City into a global digital innovation hub that actively interacts with global companies, universities, and talents," said Daegu Mayor Hong Jun-pyo.


□ Meanwhile, DGIST, which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, aims to develop the local ABB industry and foster talents by building an urban campus—the DGIST ABB Global Campus, training unmatchable ABB talents, researching core ABB technologies, and realizing industry–academia collaboration. Based on this, the campus will not only generate new key growth engines for the region but also serve as a catalyst for digital innovation in other industries to drive the development of the national digital industry. In addition, DGIST will continue to develop international cooperative core digital technologies to enhance the global competitiveness of the institution and contribute to the development of local industries.

Published: 19 May 2024

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