DGIST Professor Gain Kim, Selected for ‘Samsung Future Technology Promotion Project’ in the first half of 2023

- Target of implementing a faster and more efficient interface between semiconductor chips. Expected application in high-performance computing systems - Plan to undertake task from June 2023 funded by the Samsung Future Technology Promotion Project

□ DGIST (President Yang Kook) revealed on the 26th (Wed) that Professor Gain Kim of the Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science had been selected to undertake the information and communication technologies (ICT) field research task "Samsung Future Technology Promotion Project" in the first half of 2023. The research team of Professor Gain Kim will be supported by the Samsung Future Technology Promotion Project to conduct research on "Development of broadband chip-to-chip interface design technology for multi-chip computing systems."


□ Currently, the high-performance semiconductor processor for rapid computation is undergoing transitional development from a single-chip base to a multi-chip base. The resolution of the bottleneck phenomenon occurring at the interface between the chips is considered one of the key technologies. Professor Gain Kim’s research team aims to develop a faster and more efficient interface circuit design technology compared to the existing technologies.


□ Professor Gain Kim, who is responsible for this task, stated that “the amount of data that an operator must process per unit time is increasing exponentially. Consequently, the importance of high-speed cable interface between high-speed processors that rapidly process a vast amount of data is increasing.” He further revealed that “it is expected that the results of this research will yield groundbreaking results that can improve the interconnection performance for high-performance computing and thus improve the computing efficiency and capacity of supercomputers and data centers.”



□ Samsung Future Technology Promotion Project is a science technology research support project implemented through an investment of 1.5 trillion won by Samsung Electronics since 2013, with the aim of public interest. Researchers from the fields of basic science, material science, and ICT are selected and then supported in their research. Professor Gain Kim’s research team will undertake the task from June.