DGIST-Purdue University (U.S.) to Host Int’l Collaborative Research Symposium

- Diverse experts in biomedical and future mobility from Purdue University to convene at DGIST - Facilitate discussions on research achievements, collaborative research, and student exchanges in related fields

□ DGIST (President Kunwoo Lee) and Purdue University (USA) will jointly host the International Collaborative Research Symposium, a bilateral symposium between the two institutions, on June 3–4 at the DGIST R1 International Conference Center. The symposium aims to strengthen research cooperation and promote student exchanges between them.


□ The symposium will bring together leading researchers from DGIST and Purdue University, as well as industry representatives, to discuss the latest research achievements and cooperation in the fields of biomedical and future mobility.  


□ In addition, Elizabeth Barajas, Director of Globalization at Purdue University, will join the symposium to introduce various international exchange programs to DGIST students and present an overview of Purdue University's international programs. Director Barajas encourages talented DGIST students to actively participate in Purdue University's international exchange programs.


□ The symposium is an extension of cooperation discussions between DGIST and Purdue University researchers held last October, when three researchers from DGIST visited Purdue University to discuss collaborative research and student exchanges, leading to this event.


□ “Based on this symposium, DGIST and Purdue University will be able to further expand their research network and strengthen practical industry–academia collaboration,” said Professor Lee Jong-soo, Dean of Graduate School (Interdisciplinary Engineering Major in Interdisciplinary Studies), DGIST. “It is also expected to contribute to the exchange and globalization of our students.”


□ Purdue University is a world-class public research university located in Indiana, U.S., with a strong reputation in engineering, science, and technology. In particular, it was selected as a Global Industrial Technology Cooperation Research Center[1] (in the fields of battery and mobility) in 2024 by the South Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. Two members of the center’s committee who oversee the center's major policies (Dr. Min Byung-cheol and Dr. Richard Voyles[2]) will participate in the symposium to identify practical cooperation and student exchange plans for further joint research with DGIST.

[1] Six Global Industrial Technology Cooperation Research Centers selected by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (April 2024):
   (U.S.) MIT, Georgia Tech, Yale University, Johns Hopkins University, and Purdue University

   (Germany) Fraunhofer Institute

[2] Dr. Richard Voyles is a world-renowned expert on mobility who served on the Robotics and Cyber-Physical Systems in the Office of Science and Technology Policy at the White House during the Obama administration, led the National Science Foundation's (NSF) National Robotics Initiative, and is currently the director of Purdue University's Collaborative Robotics Lab.