DGIST Spreads Warmth to Local Community through Volunteer Coal Briquette Deliveries

- Volunteers from DGIST deliver warmth to 20 families in need by distributing coal briquettes in Bisan 6-dong, Seo District, Daegu

□ DGIST reported that members of the university visited Bisan 6-dong in Seo District, Daegu, for the 2023 Coal Briquette Sharing Volunteer Activity.


□ DGIST's inaugural sharing initiative, “2023 Love of Donating Briquettes,” aimed to provide a warm winter to neighbors in need. As part of this effort, DGIST donated briquettes, fuel used for heating in the winter. Another goal of the activity was to foster a culture of heartfelt sharing.


□ DGIST raised a total of KRW 5,078,500 through voluntary donations from its members and delivered the funds to the nonprofit organization Coal Briquettes for Neighbors in Korea. The donated funds were used to deliver approximately 5,974 briquettes (300 per household) to around 20 households, focusing on those in need, including welfare recipients and low-income households. Volunteers from DGIST also personally delivered briquettes.


□ DGIST Administrative Office Director Seungsoo Lee said, "Through the heartfelt efforts of the DGIST community, we hope that our neighbors in need can have a warm end of the year. We will continue striving to create a positive organizational culture and contribute to the local community in a variety of ways."

Published: 08 Dec 2023

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