EdUHK Promotes Environmental Education on a Uniquely ‘Biodiverse’ Campus

Nestled at the base of a scenic mountain range in the northeast part of Hong Kong, the campus of The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) is rich in biodiversity. Members of the University community recorded over 1,270 observations of 380 species of trees, plants, insects, birds, fungi and reptiles in the worldwide City Nature Challenge 2019.

Given the unique location of the Tai Po campus, it is perhaps not surprising that so many species can be found. If one takes into account the area within a five to 10 kilometre radius around university campuses in Hong Kong, EdUHK is the university surrounded by the greatest number of country and marine parks, and other sites with special preservation value.

Recognising the unique and resourceful learning and teaching environment of the campus and the surrounding area, the University offers a range of specialist programmes, such as those in the Department of Science and Environmental Studies, and also contributes to environmental education through its role as UNESCO Chair in Regional Education Development and Lifelong Learning.

On the research front, the University collaborates with the education sector, industry, and non-governmental agencies to conduct environment-related research, and the State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution engages in pioneering research to solve imminent marine pollution problems.