EdUHK Wins Five Awards at International Innovation and Invention Competition

The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) has won three gold medals and two silver at the 2022 International Innovation and Invention Competition. The winning innovations cover different application areas, such as emotion recognition, EdTech for music and sport, and intelligent public health education.

The following technologies contribute to the innovation of education and training in schools and the community, demonstrating the University’s commitment to research and development for the betterment of society.

Gold medal

Project: Advanced Tai Chi Experience: An Integration of Novel Typefaces and AR Technology
Description: A novel Tai Chi learning platform offers practitioners of all ages a new and immersive experience of traditional cultural heritage. The platform is integrated with augmented reality (AR) technology, a 3D animated Chinese Tai Chi compound typeface system, Tai Chi theory, and gamified exercises. It attracts newcomers and allows practitioners to memorise the steps and pattern effectively.
Principal Investigator: Dr Hung Keung at the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts

Project: Facilitating Emotion Classification Based on Non-Intrusive Learner Data via Deep Neural Networks
Description: An invention which introduces a single-data-source non-intrusive emotion recognition technology based on an eye tracker. Through analysing the collected data in a deep convolutional neural network with well-trained parameters, the system is capable of accurately recognising nine kinds of common emotion.
Principal Investigator: Dr Zou Di at the Department of English Language Education

Project: Reimagining Music Learning with e-Orch
Description: A system consisting of an app and cloud-based software which is specifically designed for music performance and composition. Integrated with the patented Grid Notation, virtual instruments and an AI music generator, music education becomes accessible and inclusive.
Principal Investigator: Dr Leung Chi-hin at the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts

Silver medal

Project: Upcycling Waste Residuals into Value-added Eco-coasters: From Environmental Facilities to Tables
Description: Utilises waste residues such as sewage sludge, bottom ash, and fly ash collected from different local environmental facilitates to produce an eco-coaster. This superior houseware can be customised by 3D printing.
Principal Investigator: Dr Tsang Yiu-fai at the Department of Science and Environmental Studies

Project: Smart hands: Are you sure?
Description: An interactive mobile application embedded with AI feedback mechanism, AR exercises and case scenarios, which aims to educate the public on the importance of hand hygiene
Principal Investigator: Dr Peggy Or Pui-lai at the Department of Health and Physical Education