EntoGenex Sdn Bhd

Established in 2008, EntoGenex Industries Sdn Bhd (EntoGenex) is a Malaysia-based biotechnology company focused on vector control.

EntoGenex has pioneered green and sustainable solutions aimed at combating mosquito-transmitted diseases in Malaysia and worldwide. Towards this goal, EntoGenex has successfully incubated, developed and commercialised a range of mosquito control products utilising the Trypsin Modulating Oostatic Factor (TMOF) and EGX-101 technologies.

Our products utilising the TMOF and EGX-101 technologies have been successfully tested and their efficacy proven in field applications.

EntoGenex biolarvicide products using TMOF have been used in conjunction with the Komuniti Bebas Denggi government programme, as well as clients around the region including Singapore, while insect repellent products using EGX-101 are used by the Malaysia’s Ministry of Defence, Malaysian Olympic Athlete Delegation and sold at major retail outlets.

In 2009, EntoGenex was awarded the BioNexus status, an incentivised status given to accomplished biotechnology companies, from the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation. The company is also a proud recipient of a RM 3.365 million TechnoFund Grant from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation for the commercial development of its biopesticide products.

With its recent successes, EntoGenex is moving towards international expansion, promoting unique solutions in combating mosquito transmitted diseases on a global platform.


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