Online Survey Invitation: Medical Entomology in India by NCDC, Delhi

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Dear Entomologist / Vector Biologist

We are in the process of assessing the present research/surveillance on medical entomology, vector biology and related discipline and trying to collect a nationwide data regarding the current status of available human resources, research / surveillance facilities available in medical entomological research as well as problems faced by the entomologists and future avenues for strengthening this very important field. We are conducting a nationwide online survey on different aspects of entomological research, its prospects, problems, and steps needed to restore this dying discipline to counter the vector-borne diseases in the country. In this process, we need your cooperation and valuable feedback in the form of this online survey. This survey is all about well-being of entomological research and entomologists and for betterment of our scientific, professional, and career interests. This survey will take maximum 10-15 min to complete.

We invite all entomologists (Scientists, Professors, Teachers, Researchers, Students, Technicians, Field Entomologists) having an M.Sc./PhD qualification, who are working (or, had worked) in the field of medical entomology/public health entomology/vector biology & control and allied field in India, to participate in this very important online survey.

To participate please click any one of the link below or copy it into your web browser.

We may request you to share it or forward this survey link to your friends, colleagues, students having above qualification / background and encourage them to participate in this online survey.

Dr. Manas Sarkar
Dr. Kaushal Kumar

National Centre for Disease Control
Centre for Medical Entomology & Vector Management
22-Sham Nath Marg, Delhi-110054