Prof. Hochun Lee

Hochun Lee is a professor at the Department of Energy Systems Engineering, Daegu Kyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology (DGIST).


Ph. D. in KAIST / Department of Chemistry (2000)
M.S. in KAIST / Department of Chemistry (1996)
B.A. in KAIST / Department of Chemistry (1994)

Academic activities

Korean Chemical Society: Life time member
Korean Electrochemical Society: Life time member
Korean Battery Society: Active member
The Electrochemical Society: Active member


Functional electrolytes for lithium-ion
Evaluation and analysis of lithium-ion batteries
Post-lithium chemistry
Electrochemical energy harvesting
Oxide growth and dissolution of metals
Electrochemical synthesis of organic / inorganic materials

Selected publications

Sung-Jin Kang, Kisung Park and Hochun Lee* "Unraveling the role of LiFSI electrolyte in the superior performance of graphite anodes for Li-ion batteries" Electrochimica Acta (in press) (2017).

Munseok S. Chae, Jooeun Hyoung, Minchul Jang, Hochun Lee, and Seung-Tae Hong*,"Potassium Nickel Hexacyanoferrate as a High-Voltage Cathode Material for Non-aqueous Magnesium-ion Batteries" J. Power Sources (in press) (2017).

Sung-Chul Lim, Jinhee Lee, Hunho H. Kwak, Jongwook W. Heo, Munseok S. Chae, Docheon Ahn, Yun Hee Jang,† Hochun Lee and Seung-Tae Hong* "Unraveling the Magnesium-Ion Intercalation Mechanism in Vanadium Pentoxide in a Wet Organic Electrolyte by Structural Determination" Inorganic Chemistry, 56(14), 7668-7678 (2017). (2017)

Sung-Jin Kang, Sung-Chul Lim, Hyeonji Kim, Jongwook Heo, Sunwook Hwang, Minchul Jang, Dookyong Yang, Seung-Tae Hong*, Hochun Lee*"Non-Grignard and Lewis Acid-Free Sulfone Electrolytes for Rechargeable Magnesium Batteries" Chemistry of Materials, 29, 2174-3180. (2017)

Munseok Chae, Jongwook Heo, Hunho Kwak, Hochun Leeand Seung-Tae Hong*"Organic Electrolyte-based Rechargeable Zinc-Ion Batteries using Potassium Nickel Hexacyanoferrate as a Cathode Material" Journal of Power Sources, 337, 204-211. (2017)

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