IPS Asia Pacific

IPS, civil society's leading news agency, is an independent voice from the South and for development, delving into globalisation for the stories underneath.

The core activity of IPS is a global news agency producing independent news and analysis about events and global processes affecting the economic, social and political development of peoples and nations, especially in the South. IPS is the news agency of Civil Society and the South, Development Issues, The Globalisation Process and of the People Excluded from It.

The flagship World Service of the agency presently covers over 150 countries. The service is produced in English and Spanish, with selected stories translated into French, German, Finnish, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese, Portuguese, Thai, Mandarin, Nepali and Kiswahili. The daily output is currently around 112000 words.

IPS coverage is focused on developing regions of the globe, but within the context of globalisation and its impacts. The stories cover topics like economy, politics, human rights and democratisation, environment and development. Strengthening the gender perspective in all IPS stories, and giving a voice to minorities and under-represented groups are editorial priorities.

The content of IPS World Service is written and edited from the perspective of the developing world. The overwhelming majority of the contributing journalists and editors are from developing countries, including those reporting from Europe, North America and Japan.


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