Machine Learning: Alternative or Supplementary Method for​ Short-Term Weather Forecasting​


In line with this year’s National Science and Technology Celebration, the DOST-ASTI will lead discussions on the applicability of machine learning in weather forecasting as a supplement or an alternative to the traditional methods. This event will introduce the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and its pervasiveness in a practical and accessible manner, that assumes no prior knowledge of the subject. The speaker will also elaborate on different ideas and methodologies in machine learning as well as a few concepts in weather forecasting. Recent research studies that validate the accuracy and reliability of deep learning methods for short-term forecasting will also be demonstrated. The last part of the talk will zero in on the real-world application of the theoretical underpinnings through a discussion about the ULAT project.

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From 26 Nov 2021
Until 26 Nov 2021
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