DOST Advanced Science and Technology Institute

Our Mandate

Who We Are 

Over the years, the emergence of information and communications technology has greatly affected the lives of people in the world crossing borders among countries and bringing access closer to one another. In the same token, the birth of Microelectronics has resulted to progress in the development of smaller, lighter and more efficient electronic devices.

This development has a resemblance to the birth of one of the research and development institutes of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) – the Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI). It was in 1987 when President Corazon C. Aquino renamed the then National Science and Technology Authority (NSTA) to Department of Science and Technology (DOST). As an offshoot of such sequential events, the DOST-ASTI was created as a research and development institute of the Department by virtue of Executive Order No. 128.

Since its establishment on 30 January 1987, DOST-ASTI has gained prominence because of its contributions in ICT, Microelectronics and R&D as the country bids for national development and global competitiveness. With the identification of ICT as a tool to help carve the country's niche in the global scene, DOST-ASTI as one of the government's focal agency for R&D in ICT and Microelectronics, has been mandated to undertake long-term researches to strengthen and modernize the Philippine's science and technology infrastructure; conduct R&D work in the advanced fields of studies; and complement the overall endeavor in the scientific field with intensive activities in the computer and information technologies.

Since the 1990s, the DOST – ASTI has undertaken numerous projects in network technologies and high-performance computing, including pioneering efforts in open source software, IPv6, VoIP and establishing exchanges that were ahead of the industry.  ASTI-developed products ranging from electronic data acquisition, biomedical and environmental monitoring systems are deployed across the country – supporting nationwide initiatives in public health, e-governance, education and disaster risk management notably through its crucial role in developing the underlying nationwide infrastructure of over 1,500 sensors and weather stations for Project NOAH.

DOST-ASTI continues to pursue and implement changes on its organizational operations to bring about a more efficient and service-oriented organization. A new organizational structure was implemented to provide more focus on its programs, and at the same time, accord significant contributions to the community. Efforts continue to streamline and review organizational performance, and provide a more customer-centered and proactive organization.

The DOST- Advanced Science and Technology Institute is mandated to perform the following functions:

  • Scientific research and development in the advanced fields of Information and Communication Technology and Microelectronics.
  • Undertake long-term researches to strengthen and modernize science and technology infrastructure.
  • Conduct research and development work in the advanced fields of ICT and microelectronics; and
  • Complement the overall endeavor in the scientific field with intensive activities in the computer and information technologies.

What We Do

DOST – ASTI focuses its resources in the following programs:

  1. Information and Communications Technology R&D - Aim to adopt, adapt, and/or develop strategic and R&D activities in the areas of:
    • Wireless Technologies
    • Advanced Networks
    • Internet Applications
    • Software Development
    • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
    • High Performance Computing
  2. Microelectronics R&D - Seeks to develop a state-of-the-art microelectronics design facility for
    • Digital, analog and mixed-signal microelectronics
    • Embedded System
    • 3D Prototyping
  3. Technology Transfer - Pursues dynamic assimilation of research results by industry, academe, NGO’s and government instrumentalities.  It aims to transfer R&D outputs and advanced know-how through
    • Conduct of trainings and seminars
    • Technology diffusion / commercialization
    • Collaborative R&D
    • Industry Studies
  4. Space Technology  - To provide satellite images and supports government agencies with initiatives and programs that can be complemented by high level earth surface information, including but not limited to environmental and agricultural monitoring, disaster risk reduction and management, urban mapping, and national security

How We Do It

DOST – ASTI provides an array of services to its partners.  These services are made to fulfill DOST – ASTI's role in the R&D arena by allowing its partners to access local and foreign content, enabling real-time interaction, and facilitating formation of user communities

  1. Networking, Wireless, IPv6
  2. Domain Name System (DNS) Administration
  3. Electronics and Products Development (EPDC)
  4. Contract Research and Consultancy
  5. High-Performance Computing facility
  6. Philippine Earth Data Resource and Observation Center

ASTI Bldg. C.P. Garcia Avenue 1101 Diliman, Philippines

Contact info

Nicole Chavez
Corporate Communications