Associate Professor Madoka Ono

Madoka Ono is an associate professor at the Research Institute for Electronic Science/Green Nanotechnology Research Center at Hokkaido University and is the principal researcher at AGC Inc. Materials Integration Laboratories.

Research Institute for Electronic Science Green Nanotechnology Research Center

Research Areas
Nanotechnology/Materials / Inorganic compounds/materials chemistry / Glass and Ceramics

Controlling properties of inorganic glass-optical, thermal, and mechanical properties

Research Keywords
Inorganic glass, silica glass, optical property, optical loss, void, thermal properties, mechanical properties

Academic & Professional Experience
2019/08 - Today, Hokkaido University Research Institute for Electronic Science
2004/04 - Today, AGC Inc. Research Center

2001/04 - 2004/03 The University of Tokyo
1999/04 - 2001/03 University of Tokyo
1997/04 - 1999/03 University of Tokyo Faculty of Engineering Physics and engineering
1995/04 - University of Tokyo

Published Papers
[1] Topological pruning enables ultra-low Rayleigh scattering in pressure-quenched silica glass
Yongjian Yang, Osamu Homma, Shingo Urata, Madoka Ono, John C. Mauro
npj Computational Materials 6 (1) 2020/12 [Refereed][Not invited]

[2] Understanding thermal expansion of pressurized silica glass using topological pruning of ring structures
Yongjian Yang, Hirofumi Tokunaga, Kazutaka Hayashi, Madoka Ono, John C. Mauro
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 00 1 - 14 0002-7820 2020/09/07 [Refereed][Not invited]

[3] Thermal expansion of silicate glass‐forming systems at high temperatures from topological pruning of ring structures
Yongjian Yang, Hirofumi Tokunaga, Madoka Ono, Kazutaka Hayashi, John C. Mauro
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 103 (8) 4256 - 4265 0002-7820 2020/08 [Refereed][Not invited]

[4] Higher Toughness of Metal-nanoparticle-implanted Sodalime Silicate Glass with Increased Ductility
Madoka Ono, Satoshi Miyasaka, Yoichi Takato, Shingo Urata, Haruhiko Yoshino, Ryota Ando, Yasuo Hayashi
Scientific Reports 9 (1) 2019/12 [Refereed][Not invited]

[5] Reaction Mechanisms and Interfacial Behaviors of Sodium Silicate Glass in an Aqueous Environment from Reactive Force Field-Based Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Lu Deng, Katsuaki Miyatani, Shin-ichi Amma, Michinori Suehara, Madoka Ono, Yuichi Yamamoto, Shingo Urata, Jincheng Du
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (35) 21538 - 21547 2019/08 [Refereed][Not invited]

Associate Professor
Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering
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