Mr. Michihiro Okuyama

Michihiro Okuyama is the principal data scientist at Konica Minolta, Tokyo.


Ph.D, Chemical Physics, The University of Tokyo (2010)

Areas of Expertise

- Materials discovery
- Machine learning and data analysis
- Computer simulation (MD and quantum chemistry)
- Computer programming (C, Python, Linux)
- Material design
- Decision making
- Data mining
- Deep learning (Pytorch, Chainer)
- Cheminformatics
- Materials informatics

Honors and Awards

Materials Informatics Approach to Predictive Models for Elastic Modulus of Polymer Composites (2021)
Future Trend in Polymer Science 2018 (2019)
2nd Kobe workshop for material design on strongly correlated electrons in molecules and materials (2017)
Adiabatic electronic motion in forming covalent bond (2017)

Selected publications

Michihiro Okuyama, Yukihito Nakazawa & Kimito Funatsu (2022) A data-driven scheme to search for alternative composite materials, Science and Technology of Advanced Materials: Methods, DOI: 10.1080/27660400.2022.2063009

Yuko IKEDA, Michihiro OKUYAMA, Yukihito NAKAZAWA, Tomohiro OSHIYAMA, Kimito FUNATSU, Materials Informatics Approach to Predictive Models for Elastic Modulus of Polypropylene Composites Reinforced by Fillers and Additives, Journal of Computer Chemistry, Japan -International Edition, 2021, Volume 7, Released on J-STAGE June 11, 2021, Online ISSN 2189-048X,

Okuyama, M., & Sakata, F. (2018). Adiabatic Electronic Motion in Forming Covalent Bond. ChemRxiv. doi:10.26434/chemrxiv.7221953.v1

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