Prof. Miyabi Nakabayashi

Prof. Miyabi Nakabayashi works on tropical ecology, especially on seed dispersal by mammals in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Recently, she is focusing on seed dispersal system of fig trees (Ficus spp.) and large-seeded plants such as durians.

Research themes

- "Fruit-eating civet foraging ecology in Borneo"
"Feeding ecology of frugivorous civets on Borneo"

・ "Evaluation of the effectiveness of the fruit-eating carnivorous binturong as a seed dispersal for semi-epiphytic figs on Borneo Island"
"Seed dispersal of hemi-epiphytic figs by a frugivorous carnivoran, binturong Arctictis binturong on Borneo"

・ "Evaluation of the impact of hollowing out of forests on tropical rainforest ecosystem keystone plant figs"
"Effects of loss of large frugivorous animals on large figs and large-seeded plants in Bornean rainforests"

・ "Countermeasures against animal damage using Jomon Shiba Inu"
"Reducing crop damages by wildlife using Johmon shiba dogs"

Research interests

Tropical ecology
Feeding ecology
Seed dispersal
Fig Ficus , figs
Human-Wildlife conflict

Affliated Academic Societies

The Ecological Society of Japan
The Japan Society of Tropical Ecology
The Mammal Society of Japan
Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation

Selected publications

Nakabayashi M, Kanamori T, Matsukawa A, Tangah J, Tuuga A, Malim PT, Bernard H, Ahmad AH, Matsuda I, Hanya G (2021) Temporal activity patterns suggesting niche partitioning of sympatric carnivores in Borneo, Malaysia. Scientific Reports, 11: Article number 19819. Link to Paper

Nakabayashi M (2020) List of food plants of four sympatric Paradoxuriane civet species based on eight-year records on Borneo. Tropics, 29: 67-75. Link to Paper

Nakabayashi M, Bin Salam PGMS , Leung LY, Ahmad AH, Bin Battin J (2020) Effect of logging on the Ficus community at Batu Timbang research station, Imbak Canyon Conservation Area, Sabah. Journal of Tropical Biology and Conservation, 17: 233–249. Link to Paper

Nakabayashi M, Inoue Y, Ahmad AH, Izawa M (2019) Limited directed seed dispersal in the canopy as one of the determinants of the low hemi-epiphytic figs’ recruitments in Bornean rainforests. PLOS ONE, pone.0217590. Link to Paper

Nakabayashi M, Jumian P (2019) Species diversity of Ficus in the Sungai Rawog Conservation Area. In: SFD, KTS (eds.) Proceedings of the Seminar on Sungai Rawog Conservation Area Scientific Expedition. pp.83-89. Sabah Forestry Department & KTS plantation Sdn. Bhd.

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