Nanotechnology Symposium 2020

The Nanotechnology Symposium will be held on 21st February 2020 at World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur, held in conjunction with the 19th edition of Malaysia Technology Expo.

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The Nanotechnology Symposium will be held on 21st February 2020 at World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur, held in conjunction with the 19th edition of Malaysia Technology Expo. It is jointly organised by Integrative Pharmacogenomics Institute (iPROMISE), Non-Destructive Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Research Centre (NDBPRC), Universiti Teknologi MARA and PROTEMP Exhibitions & Conferences. Malaysia Nanotechnology Association is the official knowledge partner for the event.

Nanotechnology Symposium 2020 gathers the leading experts from across the world to share their nano research findings related to nanocarrier design, processing technology, nanomaterials, nano formulations, manufacturing challenges, nanotoxicology, pharmaceutical /nutraceutical/ cosmeceutical markets, and rules and regulations pertaining to production, distribution, storage, research and commercialization, with therapeutics range from small molecule drugs, bio macromolecular drugs and biologics. The event serves as a platform for industrialists, academicians, scientists, students, administrators and entrepreneurs who have a strong interest in nanotechnology to network and share information and to collaborate on research and business activities.

Nanotechnology has and continues to revolutionize medicine which now can be used to transform drug delivery, wound treatment, gene therapy, diagnostics and almost every area of medicine in time. Advancements with nanobots, smart pills, vaccines, bandages, microscopes that has been evolving to become more portable and convenient and with the potential to improve health outcomes around the world.

Recent study by Allied Market Research has announced that global nanotechnology market to reach $2.23 Billion by 2025 and in Asia Pacific region itself, is expected to grow at the highest Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.80%. It has been proven that one of nanotechnology global market’s main drivers are the surging adoption of this technology in medical diagnosis.


We are pleased to announce the six distinguished speakers, each a leading specialist in their niche fields.

1.  Prof. Jackie Y. Ying,
AIChe One Hundred Engineers of the Modern Era, US National Academy of Inventors, Mustafa Prize laureate 
Senior Fellow, National Bio Lab, Singapore; Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, NanoBio Lab & A*STAR

2.  Prof. Daniela Traini
Professor in Respiratory Science, Faculty of Health and Medicine, based at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research.
University of Sydney, Australia

3.  Prof. Teruna J. Siahaan
Aya and Takeru Higuchi Distinguished Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, School of Pharmacy, KU.
University of Kansas, USA

4.  Assoc. Prof. Gaia Colombo
Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology Section of Drug and Health Products, Department of Life Sciences and Biotechnology
University of Ferrara, Italy

5.  Prof. Datuk Dr. Halimaton Hamdan
Professor of Chemistry Faculty of Technology & Informatics Razak
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

6.  Prof. ChM Dr. Mohd Basyaruddin Abdul Rahman
Dean and / Professor of Chemistry, Faculty of Science
Universiti Putra Malaysia, Selangor



Nanotechnology Symposium will be looking at discussions of new developments, discoveries, in-depth studies and challenges in the application of nanotechnology in medicine. Register now to:

a.   Learn about the current progress in nanotechnology and related sciences in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and biomedical sectors.
b.   Receive updated information on material sciences, dosage form design, processing technology and physicochemical/biological/in vivo characterization essential in the research and development of nano-products.
c.   Have an outlook on marketing, regulatory and commercialization strategies to translate nanotechnology research entities for societal applications.
d.   Have the opportunity to meet scientists, researchers, academics and industrialists in nanotechnology related fields.
e.   Have the opportunity to showcase your research findings and innovation to potential academic and industry collaborators.
f.   Meet manufacturers and suppliers of materials, analytical technology and processing equipment, as well as, preclinical/clinical services and non-profit organizations for scientific promotion.
g.   Have the opportunity to visit MALAYSIA TECHNOLOGY EXPO 2020 ( which showcases university and industry innovations related to pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, medical, dental, biomedical, engineering, material and health sciences and practice.
h.   Have the opportunity to win the “Tefarco Best Poster Award”.


  • Nanotechnology Professionals
  • Private Organisations involved in the field of Nanotechnology
  • Academia, Scientists, and Researchers
  • Biomedical Engineering Professionals
  • Students, Fellows and Postdoctoral Students
  • Doctors
  • Medical Colleges
  • Nanotechnology Associations and Societies
  • Manufacturing Medical Devices Companies
  • Engineers
  • Cancer Therapist
  • Drug Delivery Therapist
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Clinical Investigators and Researchers

The event promises an excellent return on investment with range of progressive and simulating topics. Join our distinguished forefront experts on nanotechnology medical related innovations.

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