Okayama University

1 Our Mission
“Creating and fostering higher knowledge and wisdom”
How can we, the human race, develop and grow in a steady and sustainable manner for the sake of future generations? At Okayama University, we feel we have the answer. It is imperative that we build up our knowledge base in order to advance in the field of education and research. As a public institution of higher learning, we are committed to contributing to this advancement by providing a positive environment for the creation of higher knowledge through research and the passing on of wisdom to younger generations through education and community service.

2 Our Purpose
“Building up a new paradigm for a sustainable world”
As one of the leading universities in Japan, we aim to create and establish a new paradigm for the sustainable development of the world. We are being confronted with problems of global proportions in terms of the environment, energy issues, food supplies, economics, health, security and education. Thus, we are constantly seeking ways for humans to co-exist in harmony with nature. With this in mind, our university offers a wide range of academic fields, which become the basis of the integrated graduate schools. This not only allows us to conduct the most advanced and up-to-date research, but also provides an enriching educational experience.

3 Our Goals
(1) For education

Okayama University’s most important mission is to provide an enriching educational environment for our students. Our commitment to each and every student is to offer them meaningful interaction with the university faculty and staff, whether it be in classroom settings or one-on-one tutorials. In this way, we hope to develop graduates who can think critically and logically and who can contribute to society.

(2) For research We believe that the ongoing research activities we engage in are a fundamental basis for the innovation and creativity we see in all aspects of this university. We constantly strive to become one of the leading research institutions recognized all over Japan and the world.

(3) For society As an institution of higher learning, Okayama University offers a wide range of knowledge and technologies which can be used to help solve the problems of today’s society. At the same time, we promote collaboration with the outside community.

(4) For administration As our status has changed to a National University Corporation, we have introduced highly efficient management systems to steer our university in a way that is more direct and immediate. To achieve our goals in research and education, we can make even better use of the resources from our own faculties, staff and facilities.

(5) For self-evaluation To provide accountability as a public institution, we constantly evaluate our work in every field including research, education, contribution to society and university management. The results of these evaluations are taken into account for future university reform.


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