Participatory Design Conference (Place-Malaysia) 2022

Participatory Design Conference (PDC) is a world-leading venue and an ACM SIGCHI conference, bringing together the latest debates in the collaborative and equitable design of technology, services and socio-technical systems.

PDC 2022 is hosted by Newcastle University in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK alongside online participation (at PDC-Places), to be inclusive while trying to reduce carbon footprint. The “PDC Places” are smaller in-person events and activities running in different locations around the world – with each Place shaped and organised by local PD researchers and practitioners.

PDC Malaysia Place is hosted by the University of Technology Sarawak (18-20 August 2022) with an aim to bring together academia, industry, government and local underserved communities and to develop a shared understanding of:

  • What does the emergence of Participatory Design and ICT4D mean to Malaysia?
  • How to design and establish alternative spaces and opportunities to decolonise development practices and produce shared knowledge? and
  • How can the guiding principles of PD influence the action and reflection processes of ICT4D initiatives?
Conference Report