I completed B.Sc. (Honours) and M.Sc. in Marine Sciences from University of Chittagong, Bangladesh, M.Phil in Fishereis Technology from University of Calcutta, India and Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences from the Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh. I am working as a Program Manager of a Non-Government Organization YPSA (Young Power in Social Action), Bangladesh on Climate Change Adaptation related issues. I have 12 years of Professional experiences of working in a NGO for work on climate change issue, environmental management and human rights issues. I have a keen interest in climate change, fisheries management, coastal pollutions and environmental assessment. I am author of 70 national and international publication based on climate change, aquatic biodiversity and environmental management issues that are available in Google Scholar and ResearchGate. Research interest climate change, fisheries management, aquatic biodiversity, environmental pollution monitoring

Working Experiences

 1) Involved as a Guest Lecturer of Marine Fisheries Academy, Fish Harbour, Chattogram under Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock of Government of Bangladesh since 10 January, 2014 to 05 January, 2019 under Marine Fisheries Discipline.

2) Working as a Program Manager in Young Power in Social Action(YPSA) since January, 2018 to till date “ Addressing the Rights and Needs of Climate Change induced Displaced People in of South-Eastern Coast of Bangladesh” with the support of Climate Justice and Resilience Fund (CJRF).

Workshop/Seminar Presentation/Abstract Publication


  • Prabal Barua and Syed Hafizur Rahman, 2020. Sustainable Solution for Blue Carbon Emission in Coastal Bangladesh through  Management of Coastal aquaculture, Mangrove destruction and Climate Change, Climate Change & Blue Carbon Webinar Articles On “Blue Carbon Domain: A Potential Reguator Of Climate Change Under Rusa 2.0, India from 4-5 September 2020. 50p
  • Prabal Barua and Syed Hafizur Rahman, 2020. Generation of Alternative Livelihood in Response to Climate Change for World Heritage site of Bangladesh Sundarbans. International FLARE Network (Forests & Livelihoods: Assessment, Research, and Engagement )Twitter Conference 26-30 October 2020. 75p
  • Md. Arifur Rahman, Mohammad Shahjahan, Prabal Barua and Morshed Hossan Molla, 2016. Rehabilitation Reality of Climate Displaced People in Southern Coast of Bangladesh: Need Relevant Policies and Institutional Frameworks, International Conference on Anthropology, Adaptation And Resilience In Climate Change Regime, Department of Anthropology, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, 32p
  • Ray, S. K., and Prabal Barua, 2011. Pattern of Heavy Metal Accumulation in Oyster of Indian Sundarbans”. Abstract publication in National Seminar on impact on emerging areas of science and technology on the development of society. Seminar held on Science City of Kolkata, West Bengal, India on 05-06 February, 2011
  • Prabal Barua, Mitra, A., Banerjee, K., and Siddiquii, N. A., 2010 “ Seasonal Variation of Heavy Metal accumulation for Oyster in Indian Sundarbans” Abstract volume publication for Book of abstract of 4th Bangladesh Fisheries Conference and Research Fair, 2010, 43: 104 p. Bangladesh Agriculture Research Council, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Prabal Barua, Sinha, S., Dutta, S., and Chakraborty, S., 2009. ‘Impact of Salinity Increase on Indian and Bangladesh Sundarbans and it’s effect on Heritiera fomes ‘ Abstract publication in National Seminar on Climate Change: Challenges and Mitigation of Indian Perspectives. Seminar held on Science City of Kolkata, West Bengal, India on 27-28 February, 2009.
  • Prabal Barua, Zamal, H., and Chowdhury, M. S. N., 2010“ Nutrient Dynamics of different tidal water exchange based coastal shrimp ponds of Cox’s Bazar Region, Bangladesh” abstract volume publication in 8th Annual scientific conference on Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Science University, Chittagong, Bangladesh



Book Chapter Publication

  • Prabal Barua, Syed Hafizur Rahman, Abhijit Mitra and Saeid Eslamian 2020 (Accepted). Coastal Erosion, Displacement and Resettlement Strategies. Springer Book Series "Disaster Risk Reduction for Resilience: Disaster Risk Management Strategies".
  • Prabal Barua, Syed Hafizur Rahman and Saeid Eslamian 2020 (Accepted). Disaster Risk Reduction: Himalayan Glacier Outburst Flood, Springer Book Series "Disaster Risk Reduction for Resilience: Disaster Risk Management Strategies".
  • Noman Ahmed Siddique, Selina Parween, Prabal Barua and M. A Quddus, 2012;  Heavy Metal Pollution in Sediments at Ship Breaking Area of Bangladesh,  Asian Journal of Water, Environment and Pollution, 6(3): 7-12, V. Subranaim (Edt.), Coastal Environments: Focus on Asian Coastal Regions; Capital Publishing Limited, 2012
  • Prabal Barua, 2016. Marine biodiversity under threat from high levels of heavy metal pollution in Bay of Bengal, Science for Environment Policy; European Comission (Edt.), Ship Recycling: reducing human and environmental impacts, European Commission, Thematic Issue 55: 15-16.





Selected publications

List of Research Paper Publication



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