Assoc. Prof. Dr Salizar Binti Mohamed Ludin

Dr. Salizar Binti Mohamed Ludin is an Assoc. Prof at the Kulliyyah of Nursing of International Islamic University Malaysia.


Doctor of Philosophy in Critical Care Nursing - Doctor of Philosophy, Flinders University
Master of Nursing - Masters Degree, Flinders University
Bachelor of Nursing Science (Hons) - Bachelor Degree, Universiti Malaya (UM)
Registered nurse - Certificate


Top 20 Contributors to KON's Research Performance - Kulliyyah of Nursing, IIUM (2020)

Tokoh Akademik Award - Kulliyyah of Nursing, IIUM (2020)

Long Service Award (more than 10 years) - Kulliyyah of Nursing, IIUM (2020)

Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (IIUM) - International Islamic University Malaysia (2020)

Selected publications

Community nurses’ knowledge and nursing care skills on enteral nutrition: a knowledge transfer program. Emfermeria Clinica, 31 (Supplement 2) pp. S286-S290

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice of Nurses in Assessing Patients using Early Warning Sign (EWS) Scoring in a teaching hospital in Kuantan Pahang, Malaysia. International Journal of Care Scholars, 4 (Supplementary 1) pp. 48-57

Knowledge, attitude and practice on infection-control among IIUM Kuantan nursing students during Coronavirus 2019 Disease (COVID-19) outbreak. International Journal of Care Scholars, 4 (Supp. 1) pp. 58-65

Mental health and well-being of undergraduate dental students: a systematic review. International Journal of Care Scholars (IJCS), 4 (2) pp. 56-70

Parents’ experience in taking care of critically ill children while hospitalization. Emfermeria Clinica, 31 (Supplement 2) pp. S67-S71


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