UNIST Partners with Class 101 to Offer Online Courses Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), in partnership with Class 101, expands quality online lectures.

Class 101, a student-led venture company will be offering four leadership courses throughout the Spring 2020 semester, and thus have decided to donate their proceeds to coronavirus relief charities.

While universities around the world are either closing their campuses or replacing in-person teaching with online alternatives amid COVID-19 concerns, a student-led venture company has turned crisis into opportunity. That is to expand quality online lectures, and thus pushing for more proactive educational reforms.

UNIST, in partnership with Class 101, will be moving part of the Leadership Program courses, offered in Spring 2020 semester to online delivery. Through this partnership, UNIST hopes to provide a richer and more meaningful educational experience for all students, particularly in the areas of common sense economics, IT utilization, and physical education.

Class 101, a student-led venture company will be offering four leadership courses throughout this semester, and thus have decided to donate their proceeds to coronavirus relief charities. The following are some of the lecture contents, provided by Class 101: ▲ Real Estate Faster. ▲ How to Build a Personal Brand on Instagram ▲ Dance Class ▲ Oil Pastel Drawing. All of the prepared courses have been successfully registered with over 200 students.

On March 20, UNIST has announced that it would be transitioning to online courses for the remainder of the spring semester in response to COVID-19. Conducted on real-time remote learning basis, these courses enable real-time, interactive communications between professors and students.

The UNIST Leadership Program is an extracurricular program that offers a wide variety of courses that nurture students’ creativity and character with the purpose of cultivating creative global talents, and these courses are mandatory for graduation. The program, consisting of community volunteering, rowing, mental health education, and regional tours, are conducted mostly offline. However, in accordance with the university’s decision to implement online-only learning for the remainder of the spring semester, UNIST Leadership Center has also decided to move their classes online and this includes courses offered by Class 101.

Founded by UNIST students, Class 101 is a learning platform with more than 500 online classes taught by the best practitioners in their respective fields. Boasting more than 1,500+ creators, this online learning application will teach you practically anything, from knitting to building mobile apps. They are bringing an expanding range of hobbies in almost all categories, including leather crafting, home décor, barista training, yoga, drawing, etc.