Dr. Winnie Lam Wai Man

Dr. Lam Wai Man Winnie (BScIT, PhD, IEEE member) joined The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) in 2016 .Her research areas are bioinformatics, data analytics, e-learning and blended learning.

Dr Winnie LAM is a dedicated information technology (IT) educator and data scientist who has demonstrated a strong passion for teaching and exemplary performance. Her research interests are machine learning, AI, and robotics in education. Her teaching philosophy – CITA (Collaboration, Innovation, Technology and Authenticity) – constitutes the basic building blocks of effective teamwork, active learning, technological needs, and real-life practice. Her enthusiastic teaching practices have helped nurture students with different backgrounds and facilitate effective learning, especially during the pandemic.

Research Interests

Data mining
Information retrieval

Selected publications

Lam, W. M., Xie, H., Liu, Y. W. & Yung, W. H. (2019, November). Investigating Online Collaborative Learning on Students’ Learning Outcomes in Higher Education. The 3rd International Conference on Education and E-Learning (ICEEL 2019), Barcelona, Spain.

Winnie W. M. Lam, Dennis Y. W. Liu & Issac K. H. Lo (2019, August). An Online Evidence-based Assessment System to Promote Collaborative Learning in Tertiary Education. Paper presented at 2019 International Conference on Education and Learning (ICEL), Osaka, Japan.

Winnie W. M. Lam, Rebecca W. Y. Lee & Regina W. S. Sit (2019, June). Using Data Mining to Investigate Correlation between Traditional Chinese Medicine Body Constitution and Postnatal Problems. The Eleventh International Conference on Bioinformatics, Biocomputational Systems and Biotechnologies (BIOTECHNO 2019), Athens, Greece.

Dennis Y. W. Liu, Chi Tsiu Tong & Winnie W. M. Lam (2018, August). Performance Analysis of Searchable Symmetric Encryption Schemes on Mobile Devices. 12th International Conference on Network and System Security, Hong Kong.

Dr. Winnie Lam Wai Man
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