Prof. Yang Yong

Prof. Yang Yong's primary research interest is in the development and mechanical behavior of advanced structural materials, such as metallic glasses and high entropy alloys. His recent research also extends to mechanics of flexible electronics and hydrogels.


PhD (Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), Princeton University (2007)
MPhil (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (2003)
BEng (Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science), Peking University (2001)

Research Interests

Metallic Glasses
High Entropy Alloys
Amorphous Alloys
Physical Metallurgy

Awards and Achievements

1999 “GUANGCAI Scholarship (光彩獎學金)” Peking University (北京大學).
2001 “Graduate with honor 優秀畢業生” Peking University (北京大學).
2002 “Postgraduate Studentship” The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
2003 “Postgraduate Studentship” The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
2004 “Graduate Student Fellowship” Princeton University.
2004 “Sayre Graduate Prize” Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University. for outstanding performance in both research and course work during the first year of graduate study.
2007 “Wu Prize for Excellence” Princeton University. for upper-year graduate students who have performed at the highest level in course, research and teaching.
2016 “The President’s Award” City University of Hong Kong. for exemplary contributions to research and professional education.
2018 “Outstanding Supervisor Award” City University of Hong Kong.

Selected publications

He, Q.F. , Wang, J.G. , Chen, H.A. , Ding, Z.Y. , Zhou, Z.Q. , Xiong, L.H. , Luan, J.H. , Pelletier, J.M. , Qiao, J.C. , Wang, Q. , Fan, L.L. , Ren, Y. , Zeng, Q.S. , Liu, C.T. , Pao, C.W. , Srolovitz, D.J. & Yang, Y. (2022). A highly distorted ultraelastic chemically complex elinvar alloy. Nature. 602. 251 - 257.

Yu, Q. , Zhang, J.Y. , Li, J. , Wang, T.Y. , Park, M. , He, Q.F. , Zhang, Z.B. , Liang, T. , Ding, X. , Li, Y.Y. , Wang, Q. , Zeng, Q.S. & Yang, Y. (2022). Strong, ductile and tough nanocrystal-assembled freestanding gold nanosheets. Nano Letters. 2/2. 822 - 829.

Zhang, J.Y. , He, Q.F. , Li, J. & Yang, Y. (2021). Chemical fluctuation enabling strength-plasticity synergy in metastable single-phase high entropy alloy film with gigapascal yield strength. International Journal of Plasticity. 139. 102951 .

Wang, T.Y. , Zhang, Z.B. , Park, M.H. , Yu, Q. & Yang, Y. (2021). Etching free ultrafast fabrication of self-rolled metallic nanosheets with controllable twisting. Nano Letters. 21/17. 7159 - 7165.

Bian, H. , He, Q.F. , Luan, J.H. , Bu, Y. , Yang, Y. , Xu, Z. , Lu, J. & Li, Y.Y. (2021). Liquefaction-induced plasticity from entropy-boosted amorphous ceramics. Applied Materials Today. 23. 101011 .

Zhou, Z.Q. , He, Q.F. , Liu, X.D. , Wang, Q. , Luan, J.H. , Liu, C.T. & Yang, Y. (2021). Rational design of chemically complex metallic glasses by hybrid modeling-guided machine learning. npj Computational Materials. 7. 138 .

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