Assoc Prof Yuki Nagao

Assoc Prof Yuki Nagao is a materials scientist at the School of Materials Science, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

Protonics is based on integrated sciences and technology for utilizing hydrogen atoms and molecule, hydrogen radical, proton (hydron), and hydride. It can contribute to the future hydrogen society through fuel cells, which are one of the ideal power sources for the next generations.

Since we found enhancement phenomena of the proton transport in the confined polymer thin films (so-called Nanoprotonics) on 2008, our group develops highly proton –conductive polymers for the energy devices by our own concept.

Our interest is to investigate the relation between the polymer organized structures and high proton transport property. A well known Nafion for a high proton conductive polymer is a less ordered structure, however, our group has developed some highly proton-conductive organized polymers with both the confined space and organized structure.

With many collaboration to international universities, institutes and companies, we are challenging to develop future technologies for not only fuel cells but also related energy sectors to create science and technology of Protonics.

Research Keywords: Interface transport, Hierarchical structure, Proton Battery, Protonics, Fuel Cell

Research Interests: Nanoprotonics - Design of Materials Interface by Highly-Proton Conductive Organized Polymers

Research Themes

  • Organized Polymers for Fuel Cell Ionomers (H+ / OH-)
  • Metal-Organic Coordination Network Thin Films for Fuel Cell and Solar Cell
  • Cross-linked Organic Thin Films
  • Pt-Free Electrochemical Catalysts for Fuel Cells

Selected publications

  1. Y. Nagao*Progress on highly proton-conductive polymer thin films with organized structure and molecularly oriented structure (Review)Sci. Tech. Adv. Mater (STAM), 21, 79 – 91 (2020).
  2. Y. Nagao*Proton-Conductivity Enhancement in Polymer Thin Films (Invited Feature Article)Langmuir, 33, 12547 – 12558 (2017).
  3. Y. Ono, R. Goto, M. Hara, S. Nagano, T. Abe, Y. Nagao*High proton conduction of organized sulfonated polyimide thin films with planar and bent backbonesMacromolecules51, 3351 – 3359 (2018).
  4. S. M. Nizam Uddin, Y. Nagao*Multilayer Growth of Porphyrin-Based Polyurea Thin Film Using Solution-Based Molecular Layer Deposition TechniqueLangmuir, 33, 12777 – 12784 (2017).
  5. S. Laokroekkiat, M. Hara, S. Nagano, Y. Nagao*Metal-Organic Coordination Network Thin Film by Surface-Induced AssemblyLangmuir32, 6648 – 6655 (2016).


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