DSI executive and NTHU dean
10 May 2012
SINGAPORE, 8 May 2012: Singapore’s Data Storage Institute (DSI) has signed a collaboration agreement with Taiwan’s National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) to pursue research on flexible cable which will be assembled into the world’s first 5mm hybrid hard disk drive (HDD), targeted to launch at the end of the year.
Terahertz (THz) generation
09 May 2012
A new approach to generating terahertz radiation will lead to new imaging and sensing applications. The low energy of the radiation means that it can pass through materials that are otherwise opaque, opening up uses in imaging and sensing — for example, in new security scanners. In practice, however, applications have been difficult to implement.
magnetic film
09 May 2012
A modified approach to fabrication of magnetic memory elements may lead to a new generation of stable, ultra-high-capacity hard drives
Janus nanoparticle
09 May 2012
Hybrid 'Janus' nanoparticles made from gold and titania have high catalytic activity and extraordinary durability
microfluidic oscillator
09 May 2012
A quiet revolution is taking place in the fields of biology and chemistry. Microfluidic devices, which allow fluid manipulation in micro-scale channels, are slowly but surely finding their place on the lab bench. A new microfluidic device can operate as a mixer or a valve, improving the efficiency of micro-scale laboratory apparatus.
polycrystalline nanotwinned copper
02 May 2012
Simulations of defects inside copper point the way to making stronger metals. Results show that there are many different deformation mechanisms occurring in nano-structured materials like nanotwinned copper. Understanding each of them will allow scientists to tune material properties.
02 May 2012
Bin Chen of the A*STAR Institute of High Performance Computing and Huajian Gao at Brown University, US, have built a model to illustrate the process of skeletal muscle contraction. A combination of random protein movements and the elasticity inside muscles helps to maintain a steady force during skeletal muscle contraction.
core-shell nanoparticles
11 Apr 2012
A new design for nanoparticles that absorb low-energy light and emit high-energy light may find use in biological imaging
Solar Cell
11 Apr 2012
A low-temperature method could be used to ‘grow’ transparent zinc oxide films for use in displays and solar cells
gold nanoring
11 Apr 2012
The dissipation of energy from a vibrating gold nanoparticle is strongly influenced by the surrounding environment
Cai Kui
11 Apr 2012
A pioneering error correction technique developed at the A*STAR Data Storage Institute holds promise for the development of next-generation computers
05 Apr 2012
This conference is jointly organised by the Changing Family in Asia Cluster, Asia Research Institute, the Family, Children and Youth Cluster, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore, & Scientific Group on “Marriage Transition in Asia”, Asian Population Association. DATES: 15-16 NOVEMBER 2012
Micro Loop Mirror
28 Mar 2012
A unique 'micro-loop mirror' design may enhance the performance of integrated laser on silicon
computer chip circuits
28 Mar 2012
Faster computational methods could simulate the power and signal integrity of next-generation electronic systems
pressure gauge
28 Mar 2012
Nanowires have superior electrical and mechanical properties and can be put to good use in pressure sensors
27 Mar 2012
A*STAR Institute of Microelectronics (IME) and Picosun Oy, a Finland-based global manufacturer of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) equipment, have announced a partnership to develop advanced ALD techniques to enable continuing growth in the areas of next generation memories and solar cells.
26 Mar 2012
A*STAR Institute of Microelectronics (IME), has signed a research collaboration agreement with QuantuMDx Group (QMDx), a UK based biotech company which is developing a range of portable technologies for diagnostics, DNA sequencing and proteomics.
GFP bacteria
14 Mar 2012
The latest microfluidic chip can generate microbubbles to break open cells for biochemical analysis
iron cobalt nickel nanofilm
14 Mar 2012
Researchers have devised a simple and inexpensive approach to making soft magnetic films for microwave applications
carbon nanotube electrodes
14 Mar 2012
Dye-sensitized solar cells that use carbon nanotube thin films as transparent electrodes offer significant cost savings
07 Mar 2012
Joint R&D Centre is first dedicated facility of its kind focused on developing next-generation packaging technologies to feed the explosive growth of mobile devices
micelle schematic
02 Mar 2012
A*STAR IMRE’s Dr Loh Xian Jun was recently elected a Fellow of the prestigious Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge. He is an A*STAR scholarship recipient currently working on smart biomaterials that identify and target cancer cells.
Aigialomycin D
29 Feb 2012
Researchers have synthesized a fungal metabolite and derivatives that inhibit crucial enzymes related to cancers
Cancer cells
29 Feb 2012
A robust approach for preparing polymer-coated quantum dots may find use in a wide range of applications
29 Feb 2012
Long diamond tips could broaden the three-dimensional measuring capabilities of atomic force microscopes
27 Feb 2012
A*STAR Institute of Microelectronics (IME), has signed a collaboration agreement with Petroleum Geo-Services (OSE:PGS), a geophysical company based in Norway that provides a range of services. IME will develop rugged inertial sensing technology to enable PGS to acquire more precise seismic data at higher sensitivity and at ultra-low frequencies.
23 Feb 2012
Cutting-edge technologies to be developed at Baidu-I2R Research Centre (BIRC)
silicon nanowires
16 Feb 2012
Computer simulations show how key properties of nanowires change as the diameter increases
computer memory wires
16 Feb 2012
A novel link between optical fibers and nanometer-scale silicon structures could aid the development of integrated optical circuits
hydrogen sulfide graphene
16 Feb 2012
Reduced graphene oxide decorated with metallic nanoparticles shows high potential for gas detection


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Giants in history

Singaporean physician Oon Chiew Seng (1916 – 31 March 2022) advanced dementia care and research in Singapore, and co-founded the Apex Harmony Lodge, the nation’s first nursing home for residents with dementia.
Maggie Lim (5 January 1913 – November 1995) was a Singaporean physician who promoted family planning and expanded the access to clinics to improve the quality of life for mothers and children in Singapore’s early days.
Gloria Lim (1930-2022) was a mycologist from Singapore who studied tropical fungi. One of the first students to attend University of Malaya when it was founded in 1949, she went on to become the first female Dean of the Faculty of Science at the University of Singapore.