Schematic of the circuits
16 Nov 2011
A passive alignment method offers an easy solution for fabricating integrated photonic circuits
16 Nov 2011
To spur the growth in eco-friendly industries, A*STAR’s research institute, SIMTech, is spearheading a slew of R&D initiatives in green technologies in collaboration with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and National University of Singapore (NUS).
11 Nov 2011
New digital audio format allows listeners to enjoy full range streaming audio with consistent quality, without frustrating delays or large file sizes
01 Nov 2011
Singapore, 1 November 2011. The Experimental Power Grid Centre (EPGC), one of the largest experimental power grid facilities in the world was officially opened in Singapore, today, by Mr. S. Iswaran, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and Second Minister for Home Affairs and Trade & Industry.
IME Image
31 Oct 2011
Certification affirms IME’s ability to meet partners’ and industry’s requirements to conduct R&D to develop next generation novel medical devices
non volatile memory
28 Oct 2011
Micron and Singapore’s A*STAR Data Storage Institute to Develop Spin Transfer Torque Magnetic Random Access Memory
Illustration of gold nanoparticle
27 Oct 2011
Coupling nanoparticles to purpose-built resonators boosts the performance of Raman spectroscopy
An MPPC detector
27 Oct 2011
The elimination of detrimental cross-talks in single-photon detectors pushes quantum optics to new limits
A plastic optical fiber
27 Oct 2011
The rate of data transmission over plastic optical fibers can be increased by controlling modal dispersion with simple and robust tapers on each end
SEM images
14 Oct 2011
Dr Joel Yang from the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering with collaborators from the National University of Singapore and the Data Storage Institute has developed a process that can increase the data recording density of hard disks to 3.3 Terabit/in2, six times that of of current models. The key ingredient? Regular table salt.
13 Oct 2011
The Strengthening Information Society Research Capacity Alliance – or SIRCA II – aims to improve the inter-disciplinary research skills of emerging scholars in the Global South.
13 Oct 2011
Proposals for research projects on Information Societies and Information & Communication Technology for Development (ICTD) carried out in the Global South will be accepted by SIRCA II
12 Oct 2011
Multi-compartment globular structures assembled from polymer-based materials may soon serve as cell prototypes
12 Oct 2011
Advanced electronics beckon thanks to self-assembling templates that allow the creation of nanoscale features on silicon wafers
12 Oct 2011
Generating microbes with useful properties is quicker and easier if multiple genes are modified at the same time
07 Oct 2011
The Manufacturing Productivity Technology Centre (MPTC), a first of its kind in Singapore, is a rich resource of A*STAR SIMTech technologies showcased under one roof.
28 Sep 2011
Combining carbon dioxide sorbents with gold nanoparticle catalysts makes manufacturing ultrapure hydrogen gas easier than ever
28 Sep 2011
Similarities between the electronic states of molecules and the optical properties of gold nanostructures aid the development of new photonic devices
28 Sep 2011
Microfluidic devices are poised to transform biological research by streamlining the cost, speed and precision of individual experiments.
Wood Texture
28 Sep 2011
Vibration-assisted milling can lead to higher-quality surfaces
Microfluidics devices
21 Sep 2011
SIMTech Microfluidics Foundry, a successful outcome of a collaboration with CSEM, Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique SA, is a milestone for Singapore and the industry.
16 Sep 2011
New ceramic chip antennas offer better performance and reliability for wireless applications using unlicensed spectrum
bone cross section
16 Sep 2011
A model that relates multi-level organization and mechanical properties of biomaterials could guide the design of artificial composites
thin layer film
16 Sep 2011
Reverse engineering materials with a rapid, non-destructive laser-based technique can aid the fight against counterfeits.
16 Sep 2011
A*STAR Institute of Microelectronics (IME) and the University of Washington announce that they will join forces to provide shared Silicon Photonic processes as part of the Optoelectronics Systems Integration in Silicon programme (OpSIS).
rice husks
14 Sep 2011
Science System Corporation Shion Inc. has developed wet combustion technology to convert waste organic materials, particularly rice husks, to hydrogen and other value-added materials using water in a novel hexagonal batch reactor.
14 Sep 2011
New tool to use advanced transactional data analysis and digital forensics to provide an extra layer of security for online transactions


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Giants in history

Singaporean physician Oon Chiew Seng (1916 – 31 March 2022) advanced dementia care and research in Singapore, and co-founded the Apex Harmony Lodge, the nation’s first nursing home for residents with dementia.
Maggie Lim (5 January 1913 – November 1995) was a Singaporean physician who promoted family planning and expanded the access to clinics to improve the quality of life for mothers and children in Singapore’s early days.
Gloria Lim (1930-2022) was a mycologist from Singapore who studied tropical fungi. One of the first students to attend University of Malaya when it was founded in 1949, she went on to become the first female Dean of the Faculty of Science at the University of Singapore.