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18 Nov 2017
Industrial Transformation ASIA PACIFIC to premiere on 16–18 October 2018 at the Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre
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05 Oct 2017
The optimum drill geometry for creating deep, narrow holes is determined using a computational model.
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29 Jun 2017
Nanoparticles improve the strength of metallic alloys.
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30 May 2017
New spinning method and system for 100% fine worsted yak yarns and fabrics.
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18 May 2017
A new magnetic system could precisely control the movement of levitating objects for many manufacturing applications.
The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)
20 Apr 2017
A new technique for investigating the action of molybdate on carbon steel could lead to safer treatments for protecting metal alloys.


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Dr. Arun works as a Research Assistant Professor (RAP) at the [email protected] Corporate Lab, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Through cutting-edge technology development and commercialization, he contributes to the Singapore 2030 Advanced Manufacturing Hub (AMH) and Jurong Innovation District (JID) initiatives. He also acts as an IPT-Lead of the Manufacturing Technologies programme at [email protected] and leads several projects, researchers, and students.

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