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05 Mar 2024
SANKEN researchers achieved the acceleration of adiabatic evolution of a single spin qubit in gate-defined quantum dots for the first time. After the pulse optimization to suppress quasistatic noises, the spin flip fidelity can be as high as 97.5% in GaAs quantum dots. This work may be useful to achieve fast and high-fidelity quantum computing.
15 Dec 2023
Riding the momentum of the environment-aware agenda, SUTD researchers were part of an international collaboration that developed a sustainable approach to discover and identify materials for next-generation electronics.
06 Aug 2021
Researchers from the Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology have developed a faster and more reliable way to print flexible digital devices.
29 Jul 2021
Korea’s DGIST collaborates for mass production of semiconductor-based optical switches.
07 Jul 2021
For a timely respond to the government-level strategies on K-Semiconductor development, DGIST launched the Institute of Next-generation Semiconductor convergence Technology(INST).
19 Nov 2020
South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) partners with Pukyong National University and Chosun University to develop the next-generation of batteries for EVs.
27 Aug 2019
A doctoral candidate within the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) has been offered to join Qualcomm Inc.
27 Aug 2019
Two outstanding scholars, affiliated with UNIST have distinguished themselves with inclusion in the ‘Next Generation of Energy Scientists,’ selected by S. Korea’s most prominent research organization.
Development of nonvolatile spintronics-based 50μW microcontroller unit operating at 200MHz
21 Feb 2019
Researchers at Tohoku University have announced the development of a nonvolatile microcontroller unit (MCU) which achieves both high performance and ultra-low power by utilizing spintronics-based VLSI design technology.
Transparent thin-film transistor graphic
04 Dec 2017
Large-area, two-dimensional semiconductors wired through transparent oxide conductors produce high-performance see-through electronics.
24 Nov 2017
A research team from Korea succeeded to develop a technology to produce environmentally friendly water-borne semiconductor inks using surfactant. The result is expected to be applied to various electronic devices with a semiconductor surface control technique.
15 Nov 2017
Efficiency gains come from tuning the properties of semiconducting materials by combining layers of different composition.


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Giants in history

Chinese physicist Xie Xide (19 March 1921 – 4 March 2000) was an influential educator and one of China’s pioneer researchers of solid-state physics.