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20 Jun 2022
Osaka Metropolitan University scientists detected, for the first time, collective resonance at remarkably high and broad frequency bands. In a magnetic superstructure called a chiral spin soliton lattice (CSL), they found that resonance could occur at such frequencies with small changes in magnetic field strength. The findings suggest CSL-hosting chiral helimagnets as promising materials for future communication technologies.
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30 Oct 2020
A research team based in Japan may be moving toward a more controlled walk by unveiling the mechanism underlying the directional decision of each quantum step and introducing a way to potentially control the direction of movement.
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06 Mar 2018
A research team has developed a cup holder that wirelessly charges smart phones at the same rate as wired chargers. The charger uses magnetic resonance technology to generate and transfer energy from the cup to the electronic devices.
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08 Feb 2018
A mobile hotspot network will enable riders on fast-moving trains to stream HD videos without interruption while underground, thanks in part to a newly-developed mmWave wireless backhaul technology. The first commercial service using this technology will debut later this year.
No strings attached for underwater video system
14 Sep 2017
An underwater wireless optical communications system for streaming high-quality, live video.
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19 May 2017
Satellite success is a big step forward for the Philippines and for broader efforts to establish a microsatellite consortium across Asia.
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03 May 2017
A multilevel modulation format developed by University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus researchers shows clear advantage in achieving longer fibre-transmission distances.


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