Campus Party Singapore: World’s Largest Technology Experience Debuts in Asia

The Singapore edition will be held at Singapore EXPO Hall 7 from 6 to 8 July 2018. Singapore is the first ASEAN country to host Campus Party.

Campus Party (“CP”) was founded in 1997 as a gaming and demo scene event. The first edition took place in Málaga, Spain and has evolved over the past two decades into a global movement. Campus Party brings together thousands of talents in a global festival of innovation, creativity, science, entrepreneurship, arts and entertainment seeking innovative solutions through cross-community collaboration.

Known as “Campuseros”, participants camp out in tents as they engage in a 24-hour-a-day technology fest. Campus Party is now the world’s largest technology experience with 65 editions across 5 continents - South America, North America, Europe, Oceania and now Asia. The Singapore edition will be held at Singapore EXPO Hall 7 from 6 to 8 July 2018. Singapore is the first ASEAN country to host Campus Party. The event will see more than 6,000 participants, 120 speakers and global Campuseros, 80 communities from a myriad of disciplines, and more than 300 hours of cutting edge content.

The Campus Party Movement: Connecting change-makers and innovators

Campuseros will embark on a unique learning journey - creating, innovating and collaborating with others. They will join a global community movement where thousands of talents from various fields come together to challenge conventional thinking.

The festival provides the perfect platform for different communities within our local community to connect. Through the crossing of technology with other disciplines, there is a breaking down of barriers and something new can be created. The best part about Campus Party is the recognition
that everyone can be an innovator, an inventor or change-maker because each person’s life experience brings value to a collaborative effort. In addition, through Campuseros’ exposure to thought-provoking dialogue with global Campuseros, ideas can be further developed and tested.

Through this active, collaborative, community-driven approach, participating campuseros will find themselves beginning to take part in projects they never imagined they would try, or experiment with ideas or new partnerships that they never had the courage to start.

Discover, Develop, Do: Campus Party Singapore’s Multi-Arena Festival Design

The July 2018 edition is an open festival that adopts a multi-disciplinary approach and focuses on the convergence of different fields, skills and interests that will produce radical innovation.

Campuseros can gain access to three dedicated zones:

● Campus Party Arena , an open innovation area designed to inspire, empower, challenge and learn through talks, workshops and non-stop challenges 24/7 ;
● Campus Party Village , a uniquely designed camp site to rest, re-charge and forge new friendships that are important in fostering collaboration.
● Campus Party Experience , where inspirational performances, innovative showcases and organically-presented displays & exhibits allows participants to see and touch the future. This area will inspire the curious, co-create possibilities and motivate participants to get involved in new projects.

The inaugural edition promises to delight audiences with a mash-up of exciting cross-disciplinary content: AI + art, cosplay + robotics, drones + AR, science + entertainment. It also appeals to the curious, the ‘Campuseros’ at heart who want to learn and understand the creation process through a wide range of workshops.

Ticketing and registration information will be made available at the end of March 2018. For latest updates, please visit .

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