Nurturing scientific talent for Singapore's development

Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology and Research has held the Scholarship Awards Ceremony.

Singapore—The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) welcomed a new cohort of scholars and fellows that will add to Singapore’s vibrant pool of scientific talent, at the Scholarship Awards Ceremony held today. Mr Heng Swee Keat, Minister for Education, presented this year’s scholarships as the Guest-of-Honour.

To date, A*STAR has nurtured more than 1,400 Singaporean PhD talents through its suite of scholarships and fellowships since 2001. Of these, 470 scholars and fellows have completed their PhD studies or postdoctoral training and are contributing to Singapore’s R&D ecosystem in diverse ways. For information on A*STAR’s scholarships and fellowships, refer to Annex A.

The scholarships provide opportunities for deserving young individuals to pursue their passion in science and to master the necessary skills and training for a career in research and development (R&D). The aim is to develop a pipeline of scientific talent that can strengthen Singapore’s competitive edge for innovative technologies and further develop its reputation as a vibrant hub for R&D. For information on some of these talents, view Annex B.

Besides advancing scientific discovery and technological innovation in A*STAR institutes, returning scholars contribute in diverse ways across the research, innovation and enterprise value chain. Some of these scholars lend their expertise to private R&D laboratories, including those of local enterprises, through collaborations and secondments. Several of these scholars have also been recognised for their achievements through various international awards and fellowships.

Mr Lim Chuan Poh, Chairman of A*STAR, said, “Our scholars are well-poised to become future leaders in Singapore’s research and innovation landscape as they continually develop their scientific expertise and carry out world-class R&D that is of value to industry and society.”

About A*STAR Graduate Academy (A*GA)

A*GA advances A*STAR’s key thrust of human capital development through scholarships, fellowships and collaborative programmes with universities and other partners. Research is a human enterprise and undergirding the sustainability of this enterprise is A*STAR’s talent strategy of developing a strong core of local scientists, complemented by a rich diversity of international scientists. Through its suite of scholarships, fellowships, and outreach programmes, A*GA nurtures a healthy flow of PhD talent for A*STAR and the wider R&D community in Singapore. Since 2001, more than 1,300 Singaporeans have been supported by A*GA for undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral studies in the best universities in Singapore and around the world. Of these, more than 370 have completed their PhD or post-doctoral training and are actively contributing to A*STAR, and various sectors of the R&D ecosystem.

To develop a pipeline of local scientific talent, A*GA offers competitive awards to enable Singaporeans to pursue an R&D career in biomedical sciences, physical sciences, as well as engineering disciplines.

About the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)

The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) is Singapore's lead public sector agency that spearheads economic oriented research to advance scientific discovery and develop innovative technology. Through open innovation, we collaborate with our partners in both the public and private sectors to benefit society.

As a Science and Technology Organisation, A*STAR bridges the gap between academia and industry. Our research creates economic growth and jobs for Singapore, and enhances lives by contributing to societal benefits such as improving outcomes in healthcare, urban living, and sustainability.

We play a key role in nurturing and developing a diversity of talent and leaders in our Agency and Research Institutes, the wider research community and industry. A*STAR oversees 18 biomedical sciences and physical sciences and engineering research entities primarily located in Biopolis and Fusionopolis.

For more information on A*STAR, please visit

A*STAR Scholarship Programmes

1. The National Science Scholarship (NSS) enables scholars to receive the best education and training at top universities and laboratories all over the world. Support is provided for BSc, PhD, MBBS-PhD and MD-PhD programmes. NSS scholars are required to fulfill a service commitment of four to six years.

2. The A*STAR Undergraduate Scholarship (AUS) supports scholars for undergraduate education at local universities, as well as research attachments at A*STAR and overseas exchange programmes during their undergraduate studies. AUS admits scholars immediately after high school or polytechnic, and also during the undergraduate years. There is no service commitment to A*STAR but AUS scholars must undertake a PhD programme which may be supported through PhD scholarships from A*STAR, local or overseas universities, or other organizations.

3. The A*STAR Graduate Scholarship (AGS) offers four years of PhD training for scholars in Singapore (at NUS, NTU, or SUTD), or four years of PhD training in both an overseas partner university and an A*STAR lab. AGS scholars who graduate from NTU, NUS, or SUTD are eligible to apply for a Post Doctoral Fellowship to support a further two-year training at an international lab. The service commitment for AGS scholars is up to three years.

4. The A*STAR International Fellowship (AIF) supports recent PhD graduates to undertake post-doctoral training in top universities and private labs overseas. Upon completion of their postdoctoral training, these Fellows will return for their one-year service commitment.

More information on A*STAR’s various scholarship and attachment programmes may be found at

Published: 15 Jul 2015

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