Rising food prices around the world have already impacted on the poorest communities. Here we highlight the many experts and research projects on food. Experts are listed in this article.

These are some experts on various issues on food. Please click on the links below to access their pages. The experts are alphabetically listed.

(Professor Dr.) Abu Bakar Salleh (MALAYSIA)
Areas of expertise: Biotechnology – Enzyme Technology, Microbial Technology

Dr. Ahmad Zuhaidi Yahya (MALAYSIA)
Areas of expertise:Natural Resources Planning and Management Plantation Silviculture

(Professor, Dr.) Aini Ideris (MALAYSIA)
Keywords: Veterinary Sciences-Avian

Dr. Aminah Hamzah (MALAYSIA)
Areas of expertise:Horticulture and nursery

Prof. Dr. Arsenio M. Balisacan (PHILIPPINES)
Keywords: poverty, inequality, agricultural, rural development, globalisation, political economy of policy reforms

(Professor Dr.) Badlishah Sham Baharin (MALAYSIA)
Areas of expertise: Food Bioprocess Engineering

Professor Boonsirm Withyachumnarnkul (THAILAND)
Areas of expertise: Shrimp Biotechnology, Neuroendocrinology

Dr David E. Johnson (PHILIPPINES)
Areas of expertise: Cropping systems, weed ecology and management, and the development of weed competitive crop cultivars

Dr. Deborah J. Templeton (PHILIPPINES)
Keywords: Social Science/Economics - Assessing the economic impact of R&D, using research evaluation processes and procedures to increase the probability of agricultural research having an impact at the community level.

Professor Dr. Muhammed Umar Dahot (PAKISTAN)
Expertise: Enzyme Technology -Fermentation Technology - Plant Biotechnology

Dr Elizabeth Humphreys (PHILIPPINES)
Keywords: Crop water productivity, soil, water, nutrient and residue management

Areas of expertise:Plant diseases, particularly bacterial pathogens

Mr. Farhad Mirzaei (IRAN)
Keywords: poultry, animal sciences, animal production management, livestock and poultry economics and more

(Assoc. Prof. Dr.) Foo Hooi Ling (MALAYSIA)
Areas of expertise: Protein and Food Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology, Plant biochemistry, Microbiology

Dr Gary C. Jahn (Lao People's Democratic Republic)
Areas of expertise: Rice plant protection, integrated pest management, entomology

Dr Geoff Allan (AUSTRALIA)
Keywords: Aquaculture, particularly aquaculture nutrition, inland saline aquaculture, general aquaculture of finfish, molluscs and crustaceans; Research project development and management

Dr Grant Singleton (PHILIPPINES)
Areas of expertise:Wildlife management, management of rodents in rice agro-ecosystems in Asia, biological control, population ecology, behavioural ecology, host-disease interactions of small mammals, integrated technologies, sustainability of rice cropping in intensive lowland systems

(Professor Dr.) Jamilah binti Bakar (MALAYSIA)
Keywords: Food Technology, Aquatic Product Technology, Technology of Fruits and Vegetable Products

(Professor Dr.) Jinap Selamat (MALAYSIA)
Areas of expertise: Food Chemistry, Food Safety

Dr Kong Luen Heong (PHILIPPINES)
Areas of expertise: Insect ecology and integrated pest management

Associate Prof. Dr. Kopli Bujang (MALAYSIA)
Areas of expertise: biotechnology; fermentation technology

Associate Professor Dr Lim Po Teen (MALAYSIA)
Areas of expertise:marine biotoxins, harmful algal blooms (HABs)

Dr Ma. Patricia V. Azanza (PHILIPPINES)
Keywords: food microbiology, food safety (GMP,HACCP), product development, food plant management

(Professor Dr.) Mad Nasir Shamsudin (MALAYSIA)
Keywords: Agricultural and Resource Economics

(Professor Dr.) Mahiran Basri (MALAYSIA)
Areas of expertise: Biocatalysis, Fats and Oil Chemistry, Enzyme Technology

Dr Martin Gummert (PHILIPPINES)
Keywords: Grain Quality, Nutrition, Postharvest Development, Agricultural engineering (postharvest technologies), project planning and implementation, computer based instrumentation systems.

Dr Melissa A. Fitzgerald (PHILIPPINES)
Keywords: Rice grain physical, sensory, cooking and nutritional properties. Environmental effects on rice quality.

(Prof. Dr.) Mohamed Shariff Mohamed Din (MALAYSIA)
Areas of expertise:Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

Dr. Mohammed Zainul Abedin (BANGLADESH)
Keywords: Agronomy, participatory research and extension, farming systems approach, sustainable management of natural resources, research-extension-farmer partnerships, agroforestry, planning and implementation of agricultural and rural development projects.

Dr Reiner Wassmann (PHILIPPINES)
Keywords: Rice and Climate Change, greenhouse gas emissions and ecosystems in China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Brazil, West Africa, development of environmentally sound rice production in South-East Asia.

Mr Russell Reinke (AUSTRALIA)
Keywords: rice, rice breeding

Dr. Sharifah Syed Hassan (MALAYSIA)
Areas of expertise: virology, molecular virology, bird flu

Prof. Sudip Rakshit (THAILAND)
Keywords: Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Biopolymers and Lipid Biotechnology, Fermentation and Enzyme Technology, Food Biotechnology, Functional Foods

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suwit Laohasiriwong (THAILAND)
Keywords: Agricultural sytems, conflict resolution, Regional cooperation (Greater Mekong Sub-region)

(Assoc. Professor Dr.) Syed Omar Syed Rastan (MALAYSIA)
Keywords: Soil Fertility and Fertilizer Technology

(Professor Dr.) Tai Shzee Yew
Keywords: Natural Resource (Fisheries) Economics (MALAYSIA)

(Professor Dr.) Yaakob bin Che Man (MALAYSIA)
Keywords: Fats & oils, Halal Products

(Professor Dr.) Zulkifli Idrus (MALAYSIA)
Keywords: Poultry Stress Biology and Welfare

Published: 15 Apr 2008


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